Orgasm after LEEP and other concerns

I had a LEEP procedure 1 week ago. I had a few questions, and this website helped me with a few, along with making me feel more at ease about the diagnosis. I had a couple of questions I still am not sure of the answers, but I usually have to play phone tag with the doctor's office for a day or two to get a reply. I would appreciate any answers anyone could give me.

1) When the doctor says that you cannot have sex for 3-4 weeks, does this also include other sexual activity that can cause an orgasm?
2) My doctor told me that I have CIN2, but my medical record shows that I have CIN3. Is there a fine line between the two, can it change?

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I am now one month and a half after the LEEP.
Regarding your question 1) I searched and learnt that it would be better to avoid any sexual excitement for one month because that causes blood congestion. You may feel some pain after that. It is better to leave this part of the body "calm" :-).
Regarding 2), I have no idea.

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i was only told - nothing inside the vagina for two weeks. I had orgasms on day 3 and thereafter. At my two week check up, I was cleared for intercourse with no restrictions. There was no pain. I was told that the cervix hasd healed nicely. Your body needs to heal. Orgasm is natural and functional. Not sure one precludes the other.

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I tried to just have an orgasm (not sex) and it hurt like hell, no pain though otherwise..Its been almost a week since my cone biopsy. I wouldnt recommend it because it tightens the cervix which irritates even hurts to feel horny. :( sucks.

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Everyone is different, but I was able to have an orgasm shortly after my LEEP without any problems; no penetration, of course.

There is a FINE line between CIN II & CIN III, although both are considered, "SEVERE DISPLASIA" and both are treated the same. Some argue that CIN III and CIS (carcinom in situ) are synonomous, but from what I understand, CIN III is "pre-cancerous", while CIS (also known as stage 0 cancer) is "pre- malignant" (non-invasive). Be sure and ask your doctor to clarify this for you. Especially, if you have a supplemental cancer policy like me, since this can make all the difference as to whether or not you will be reimbursed by the insurance company.

Hope this has been helpful. Best of luck to you!

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As far as the orgasm after the LEEP, I have had them within a few days after the LEEP and it was fine. The main reason that they don't want you to have intercourse after these procedures is to prevent infection.

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Thank you to all for answering this question. I'm one week post cone biopsy and wondered the same thing. I know better than to penetrate, but I'm horny (as usual) and wasn't sure whether or not it was ok to masturbate. I think I'll wait a little longer, but really appreciate all of you for being so open. This is a great site!

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