Normal Paps Three Years after LEEP


I just wanted to post a success story on here because I know that the majority of posts are from people who are still dealing with abnormal paps, etc. When I was going through this, I kept searching for success stories and found very few. I don't believe its because there are few success stories, but rather, there are many success stories, people just stop visiting these boards once they are cured.

In 2002, I had CIN 111 and a LEEP procedure done. I had totally normal paps until May of 2010. I was shocked and devastated when I got a call from my doctor's office saying I had CIN 1 and HPV. I couldn't believe I was going through this again.

At first, I assumed it was a recurrence from the 2002 issue. After much research and talking with my Doctor (I switched and went to someone who specializes in dysplasia, leeps, etc.) we are almost certain that this was from a new infection NOT a recurrence. So, if that was the case, the first LEEP really did work and was a success.

In October of 2010 I underwent my second LEEP procedure. I am happy to report I have since had FOUR paps come back TOTALLY NORMAL! I went in 6 mos. out, a year out, two years out and now I am 3 years out and doing great and no recurrence of dysplasia!

I also want to add that when I had the second LEEP done, the dysplasia ran right up to the margins. So, the cauterization also does the trick. I am not sure if this is the case if it extends far beyond the margin or into the canal, but in my case, it worked.

After the LEEP in 2010, I also chose to have the HPV vaccine. I know this vaccine does not work on infections that have already happened, but I had no idea what strain I had. I did it for extra protection. I had to pay out of pocket, but it was worth every penny.

Again, I wanted to post this story for all of you who are searching the success rates of LEEPs. Please know that with proper follow-up, the chances that you will NOT have a recurrence are very high.

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thanks for posting this! congratulations :)

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Thank you :)

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Thanks for sharing this gives me great hope. I go for my first pap Aug 12 post Leep so I'm a bit nervous. It is great to hear success stories!

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thank you so much for posting this. We need more of these.

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Thank You so much!!!! You give me hope too!! I just had my first pap test today ,after my leep done in the end of May. I had CIN 3 and my margins were not clear, but the doctor said he burned over the margins after the first circle was taken.
Fingers crossed for all of us.
I've heard that it's dangerous to have the vaccine once you had HPV did you have any side affects after you got the injections?
Thanks for your answers and sharing your story again!!!

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Hi ha8xx,

I'm glad the story helped you feel better! That was the exact reason I posted it. When I was going through this, especially where you are now, waiting for those first pap results, I kept searching and searching for success stories and found so few. I wish people would come back and post their stories to help ease the anxiety of others!

A question for you: did they say why they were doing the first follow up pap so soon after your LEEP? They usually recommend waiting six months until after the LEEP as sometimes the cells are still healing and will often come back abnormal. Not because it necessarily means you still have the dysplasia, but because the cervix usually needs more time to heal. Do you know why he recommended a follow up so soon?

As far as the HPV vaccine, I consulted several doctors and the unanimous advice was that I should get it. There are so many strains out there and almost 20 high risk strains that cause cervical changes, if I wasnt infected with the strains they vaccinate for, then I would be protected from those strains going forward. I had no side effects what so ever. My arm didn't even hurt that bad after each of the three shots. I would talk to your doctor to see what he recommends.

I will keep my fingers crossed for you that all comes back clear!! In the end, everything will turn out just fine as long as you stay in top of your follow up. Let us know how you're results were, ok?!

Have a great night!

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Yes we do! The few I found when I was stressing out beyond words were too far and between! I wish everyone would post their stories to give all more hope!

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Thank you! And I hope all is well with you!

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Hi Nikki,

Hang in there! I know it's stressful, but you will get through it. When I was waiting for my results I actually called the drs office a few days after the pap to get the results instead if waiting for them to come in the mail. The nurses were really nice about it and I got the results a lot sooner! Good luck! Let us know how it goes!

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Glad I read your success story again.
Been real hard for me to just be patient and wait for my follow up. I do keep busy but I don't feel the same
Physically and emotionally.

My general practioner whom I've known for over 10 years and I was once his front desk receptionist gave me a positive outlook on it but also suggest I get the vaccine. And also for my boyfriend to get the vaccine.
HPV has changed my mind about sex. I don't want to risk getting another strain at all. So the only way to avoid a new strain is abstinence if I'm not with my current boyfriend. If my boyfriend and I don't make it till we are old and grey..I don't have the drive in me to have sex again

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Dear HappyMN,

I don't know why they suggested the follow up so soon. I had my appointment even sooner on the 27 th of July, but since I've changed country since I could not to it earlier so just did it yesterday. They told me at the very beninning that the healing process will take 8 weeks. Perhaps rules are different in Europe. My husband is a doctor as well, but not a Gyne and he was forcing me to do the test, I guess he wants to know if the gyne really removed everything since the margins were not clear, but the doctor said no worries he went over the edges....they documented a 2,6cm X 2,00cm 1,00X cm area removed.
Well now I am confused, because as you said it is still healing and there might be abnormal cells I will no know why. They recommended ultrasound as well. Maybe my gyne was just...I really don't know now.

Regarding the HPV vaccine, I was told by another doctor that if you get the vaccine when you are actually infected with any other type of HPV You cannot ge the injection because it won't work and the side effects can be worst than the actual situation. It can cause very bad allergyc reacton days weeks after, and she said they have to repeat the vaccine like after 5 years. It only protects only against 4-5 types (the high riskfactor ones though) and it is oy recommended girls aged 11-15 thise who had no sxual intercourse.
I think like every new vaccine or medicine divides the doctor socity.
But i will do an online research regarding this since you have heard many different opinions as well.
Keep you updated,
Have a great day!!

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Thank you Happymn!! I'm very happy and relieved for you. We need more ladies to tell their success stories for real!

Results of my paptest came out that I have high risk HPV. After doing a colposcopy and being recommended to do a LEEP (for CINII), I did the LEEP at the end of last May. The biopsy lab results of the LEEP specimen showed that I had clear margins, yet they also found Adenocarcinoma in situ at .1mm from the margin. The rest on the outside of the cervix showed CINI (surprisingly the results mentioned no CINII) and no disease further inward of the cervix.

I have a new paptest scheduled in October (4 mo. after my LEEP) because I'm so anxious to find out if all is clear. My doctor is an OBGYN who studied Osteopathic Medicine with a BS in Molecular and Cellular Biology. She told me that she thinks chances are great that all abnormal cells were removed because in addition to the AIS, she cauterized the edges so that could have removed more cells further from the margin.

Ever since I found this forum, and being diagnosed with high risk HPV/Adenocarcinoma in situ/CIN... I stay close and read to learn more and find hope. I will also return and post about how my next paptest results come out. I have hope!

Something strange I found, is that everywhere I've read that HPV stays within the body.. dormant or inactive forever, but my doc said that's not the case. The body can remove it entirely, and so can she.. possibly when the abnormal cells with the HPV are removed. I've looked, but I can't find sufficient evidence based information to back that up. There's so much hit or miss information, it's confusing.

Cheers ladies!! big hug, stay on top of the follow ups ;)

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Dear Solimar,

My doctor mentioned the same regarding the body can remove HPV when the abnormal cells are all gone, since the virus will not have like a "bed" in your cervix. I was searching as well to find evidence of this, but like you nothing I found so far.
Fingers crossed for you too!!

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Solimar and ha8xx
bring up a good point or removing the hpv areas and it not reoccurying, but then there are several reoccurance posts on here

i thought of it as a foot or hand wart. since its the same papilloma family. once you remove that wart as a kid, you never see it again... i just have that mighty wish that would be the same way these precancerous cells react. remove them and they won't come back

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I was wondering what anybody was told about anal cancer? If i have had CIN2, does that mean I have that on my anus if I have had anal sex? Two doctors told me not to worry! How can I not? Neither one would do an anal pap test! What do I do?

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Thanks for posting, MC - congratulations! I've had good luck (knock wood) since my cone a few years ago. One weird/scary pap result a year or so ago, but OK since (knock wood).

And MoJ - check out the boards here - there was actually another post today on just that topic

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Hi Ladies,
Just wanted to share some good news I've got today! My first pap test after the LEEP is NEGATIVE!!!!!!!! I am so relieved for now till the next follow up.
And another thing I just found out from my Gyne, he suggested a medicine called ISOPRINOSINE 500 mg ( inozin-acedoben-dimepranol) this helps to boost your immune system to fight HPV. It is not a cure for HPV there is no oral medicine for that, but he said I should try and see after the cure ( 1 week intensive-1 week break-1 week again) to test HPV again.
I will keep you guys updated!

Keep the positive spirit and be healthy !!!!!

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Congrats to you, ha8xx!! So exciting!!

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YAY! What a good feelin'!! Cheers ha8xx, keep it up, beat it!!

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Thank you ;) cheers

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