Naturopathic Approach Working!!!

I just joined, but I've been reading posts and inspirational stories on this website, and decided it was time for me to join and tell a bit of my story thus far.

In 2000, I was diagnosed with cervical dysplasia and during the LEEP the found that it was worse than they had anticipated. I had CIN III. I was devastated. I had the high risk HPV.

I had clean paps and was clear of HPV after that until a few years ago. I had abnormal paps and again I was infected with again with a high risk HPV and a low risk HPV. After numerous paps over the 3 years, colposcopies, and biopsies, my pap was at ASCUS this spring. I know how things progress from there unfortunately.

I decided to try the alternative medicine way and see a naturopath this time - especially since it was ASCUS, I knew I had time to dabble in it. She put me on an oral supplement routine as well as suppositories which I followed religiously. She also had me do a Vitamin D test and I was severely deficient which also makes you more susceptible to cancers as well as other things. After 3 months, my Vitamin D was up to normal and pap came back NORMAL!!! I was SO relieved! But the HPV is still there. :(

She told me we could just wait and see and do another pap in 3 months or I could try the escharotic treatment. She told me she has had a 100% success rate so far of using the escharotic treatment and having her patients clear HPV altogether. I asked if she's ever done an escharotic treatment on someone with a "normal" pap but testing positive for HPV, and she said she had just finished treating someone like me. They had cleared the HPV.

Because of my history with HPV and cervical dysplasia, I decided to go ahead and try it. I just started my first of 10 treatments today. I am hopeful that I can clear my HPV and never have an abnormal pap again! Just wanted to share!

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Great news! I hear nothing but good coming out of the naturopathic route for HPV. Thanks for the inspiration!

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That's wonderful!! Good luck with the new treatment !!!

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Yes, I wish I had known about the naturopathic treatments when I was first diagnosed in 2000! Western medicine only tells you to "wait and see" or cut it out. But there is another way that is more pro-active but without having to cut up your cervix.

My doctor told me she had just recently seen 2 patients both who had CIN II and CIN III who had gone through naturopathic treatments with her, and at their 4-5 year follow-up were still clear of dysplasia and HPV! There is hope for any of you looking for other methods! Find a good naturopathic doctor! And read Tori Hudson's book!

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I just ordered her book off Amazon. I can't wait to start reading!

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That's a great idea to to Escharotics even with a normal pap. I would definitely go through the Escharotic treatment again to wipe out the HPV if it remains positive. Keep us posted on your progress!

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Pardon my ignorance but what does the escharotics treatment involve?


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Anyone venture to guess why there haven't been large-scale studies about Escharotics (and suppositories and other naturapathic approaches for that matter) and why most women and gynecologists aren't particularly familiar with the procedure? Whenever I read a post about someone's success with it I wonder. It frustrates me to no end that women are told to simply watch and wait and/or have a surgical procedure. There are essentially no mainstream medical treatment options for women experiencing dysplasia. You would think finding approaches to fight the progression of HPV disease would be a first priority for the medical establishment.

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healthycervix4me That is great news, keep us posted

missnicelady,I don't know why the medical establishment do not treat with Escharotic treatment
but I think it is for the money the medical establishment want to make money

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This is really great to hear. I'm so glad that the Naturopathic treatment is working for you! Tori Hudson's book is amazing, a definite must for anyone interested in women's health. Has anyone here ever tried Papillex? It's a supplement formulated based on some of the concepts from Tori Hudson's protocol.

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I have to say I have been seeking and seeking answers for my dysplasia and HPV problem and everytime I look I see more and more about the naturopathic treatments and the escharotics treatment. I think I am going to try this approach. I found a Dr. where I live that does this. $220 for the 1st visit and then $80 for the next 10 visits. It's a lot out of pocket but so worth it if this is the answer. I would love to hear from anyone who has had success from this and also about the papillex. I am a little sceptical of a company like this. There are many companies that prey on us to make money. It sounds good though.

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Hi healthycervix4me, glad to hear others are trying this approach. I actually finished my 10th escharotic treatment couple weeks ago and am now on the suppositories. On my last day of treatement my nd told me my cervix was 2/3 healed and the suppositories would take care of the rest. Do u thnk the suppositories will really clear up the rest? Also I wonder if after I am negative 4 hpv my bf will reinfect me. Does this mean we can't be together anymore? Confused : (

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Interesting! The book didn't mention what to do if you have high risk HPV but a normal pap, except for the bit about prevention. It didn't say escharotic treatment even for CIN1, so it's interesting to hear about doing it for CIN0. Keep us posted!

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