My pre-cancer condition.

Hello everybody,
I have a second pre-cancer stage in my cirvix,
right now as I am writing i HAVE A PAIN in my legs, even when I dont move them, its been going on for a week now. A day ago, at night time I had a pain close to my cervix on the left side, means below my stomach, and if i move it hurts, even when i breath, i was scared, but i was guessing its nothing sirious.
I was diagnosed about 3 or 4 months ago, pre- cervical cancer. I am still waiting for a surgery to remove those bad cells from my cervix. I have Genital Warts. Doctors say I need surgery but I am so lost. I wish I knew what is happening in my body. Its hard on me physicly and emotionally. I heard you can die from cervical cancer. I though about death already, dont know how to react, ofcourse I am scared and I want to get better. Right now after 3 months I dont know if I already have cancer or not. I been feeling very bad since I been diagnosed. I have pain in my body and in my lower body all the time now. Crying at least 5 times a week since thinking about what I am gonna do if I do have cancer. I am really scared. Been looking for help but no luck, just want to talk to somebody on here who knows what I am going tru. If I die from cervical cancer I wanna die trying to break free from it.
I am just 22 years old.

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hello, kreepinsgirl. i'm glad you've found this warm and supportive community. please keep in mind that dysplasia which some call pre-cancer is not cancer. this is a very good thing! if you've been diagnosed with dysplasia 3+ months ago, is there a reason why you are waiting to be treated? and, it sounds like you have both dysplasia and warts, and those would involve 2 separate medical procedures/surgeries to have them both removed. i would encourage you to learn more about hpv, the multiple strains, and ways in which you can help your body to help clear the active hpv infection. i'm sorry that you're feeling so bad, physically and emotionally. cervical dysplasia doesn't have any noticeable symptoms which is why we need the pap test and hpv tests to know it's there, so perhaps you're in need of an overall physical to find out if there are other health problems going on. it sounds like you're also afraid that you now have cervical cancer? that's why you need to follow up on your dysplasia diagnosis! i would also encourage you to talk to your doctor about crying every day - this is a sign of depression, and you can get help from a therapist and/or anti-depressants. continue to reach out....there are steps you can take so that you'll feel better. sending gentle hugs....

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Consider yourself hugged Kreepinsgirl!! The people on this forum are fabulously supportive and here for you.

Flowershoplady's advice is right on!! 1) PLEASE don't put off any procedures!! Sometimes things get really scary because we sit there and worry instead of being proactive and doing something quickly.

2) Please see the doctor about the pain in the legs. It may be linked to other health problems as Flowershoplady said. I had pain in my legs from taking a cholesterol-lowering medication. Could barely walk up the three steps to the house and forget about sleeping with the pain. Once I was off it things cleared up. Dealing with pain really wears a person down and if it can be easily resolved, then life becomes easier to cope with.

3) And believe it or not, body aches and pain CAN be caused by depression!! I have a daughter who is bipolar and before she was diagnosed correctly, she was not only up and down emotionally, but also had physical symptoms. I don't know what the why and wherefor of this is but get checked out for depression. It could be as simple as something like Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) due to the changes of seasons. Summer comes, and I feel like throwing away my SAD meds. Fall rolls around and all of a sudden I realize why I'm so down in the dumps!! And forget about January & February if I wasn't taking the medication! Remember if you're coping with OTHER mentally stressful problems, this just makes the depression worse and it's a downward spiral. So, be proactive, get checked out for depression.

End of lecture! And can you see why I'm a "Worried_Mom" ?? Maybe it should have been "Nagging_Mom"?!! but just remember, we're all here for you if you need a shoulder.

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Of course you are scared and You are feeling all kinds of pains and thinking that it may be cancer. I had cervical cancer and had to have a hysteractomy because of it. I was lucky that I didn't have to take any chemo or radiation. To this day a year later when I feel different pains I worry sometimes. Get all your procedures done that the dr. says and try to take care of your self physically and mentally. God bless you and keep you well. Pray, it will help you get through this.

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