I am researching for a friend with CIN3.

We have used MMS1 for over 10 years, on and off, internally and externally, and have found it effective against viral, fungal and bacterial infections with little to no side effects. I understand it also works against AIDs.

Has anyone here used MMS1 or MMS2 to eradicate HPV to resolve the problem of HPV and CIN?

If so, what was your experience?

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I follow this thread because MMS has been touted to be a scam, but I want to be the first to know it worked for someone here. :)

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Well, sorry to say, you won't be the first to know it works. As I said, we have used it for over 10 years and know it works for things we have used it for both internally and externally. We also know of others that use it successfully for various issues.

I just wanted to know if anyone here has used it for HPV and/or CIN3 and what their results were as we have a friend who has been diagnosed with CIN3.

What is your source that MMS is a scam? Curious minds want to know.

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I saw that one woman died in Mexico and on a French forum, a guy tells he used it successfully for his diabete, but after a few month he developed a cancer, so MMS didn't avoid his cancer.
Wikipedia says it is a dangerous scam, but I only saw a report of one woman who died, that's not a lot.

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I really don't want to find myself in the position of defending MMS....but, let's look at what has been said so far.

There have been 2 responses so far, both by "yeu", both negative and trashing MMS but without any references.

So yeu, please provide sources to back up your claim that "MMS has been touted to be a scam".

Also, please provide sources for your claim that a woman died in New Mexico (inference is from MMS) from using MMS.

Also, please explain your theory that somehow MMS, after curing a man's diabetes, is now responsible that he developed cancer.

BTW, MMS is not touted as a cure for cancer, but could possibly resolve conditions that lead to the development of cancer, such as HPV, a virus, which MMS is very good at eradicating or killing if you prefer.

I really want to hear from people that have some experience in using MMS in dealing with HPV.

It should be effective at ridding the body of HPV.

Logic, at least to me, would be that if the HPV is eliminated, the cancer would not develop.

Viruses are very difficult for MainStream Medicine to handle effectively. They have few tools to deal with them. However, MMS does effectively find and kill viruses quite effectively. That is the reason I have posted this thread, in hopes of finding women that have used MMS successfully in dealing with HPV.

I have a good friend that was recently diagnosed with CIN3 and I am researching this for her. If it were me, with my previous experiences using MMS, I would simply go on a protocol of using 6 drops of MMS activated, 4 times per day for a few weeks and see what happens. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Plus, I know it is safe.

Mainstream medicine, MSM, is not something we use since they really do not address the underlying problems to get to a cure. It seems that their bag of tricks amount to chemo, radiation, surgery, and lots of drugs, which results in few cures, but lots of money spent for "care"

We do not use MSM, have no health insurance and if we had a health problem would seek alternative means to deal with it. we would not use MSM.

So, anyone out there have any experience using MMS for CIN3 or HPV?

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Here is the reference that tells it is a scam.
And also for the dead lady.
It's not me.
And for the man developing a testicle cancer while he was taking MMS, it is on a French forum.
He doesn't say MMS gave him the cancer.
But MMS didn't help him in avoiding his cancer.

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I've also read something about a man who is HIV+.
The virus disappeared when taking MMS, and came back when he stopped.
So again, I don't say it is a scam.
But the FDA does: dicalProducts/ucm220756.htm

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Without going into the value of using WikiPedia as a source for anything, it does not say that MMS is a scam or that it does not work.

The FDA site does not say MMS is a scam or that it does not work. They merely advise not to use it.

I think we all know that the FDA serves Big Pharma and MainstreamMedicine, so it does not surprise me that they try to scare people off an inexpensive product that actually works.

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Complicated says, ““I say dangerous scam:”

And as you say, “But everyone has their opinion”.

However, If you haven’t used it, how can you have a valid meaningful opinion as to its effectiveness?

My wife and I, along with numerous family members and friends have used it for 10 to 12 years with no problems or side effects and have found it quite effective.

The internet is sometimes difficult to use and misleading since anyone can post anything even untruthful and misleading. WikiPedia is a very good example of this. QuackWatch is a Mainstream Medicine tool used to discredit anything in alternative therapies including protocols I know work safely.

I don’t know if you are one of those that frequent forums like this to discredit anything remotely connected with alternative medicine, but it kinda sounds like it with what you have posted, all selectively somewhat negative with no personal experiences or true knowledge.

Are any of the sites you have posted based on actual personal experiences of users of MMS or are they all just against MMS on some principle or another? The few I looked at were just hack jobs against MMS without any foundation.

When we first used MMS, it was after reading a lot about it and talking with some people that had successfully used it. At that time, one could buy small quantities for a very small price through Jim Humble or any number of dealers but he also told you how to buy it cheap at the pool supply store and how to mix it. I don’t believe he was in it for the money. In any event, we have first hand knowledge of MMS and that it works. Do you have any first hand knowledge? If so, please tell us.

with all due respect it sounds to me that you are either a paid hack for Main Stream Medicine or closed-minded to anything you don’t know about. If I am wrong, please explain. I'm open-minded

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Actually, my mother is a homeopath. Me? I'm no paid hack. I had CIS/CIN3 with endocervical glandular involvement (you can view my previous posts) which was treated by a LEEP followed by a homeopathic remedy afterwards.

I said what I said because I think its dangerous to try something that the FDA says NOT to take. Usually, there is a good reason and I didn't just google and copy and paste, I skimmed those links and to me, I am not saying that it's deadly - obviously you are alive and doing okay.

I'm just saying that anecdotal responses versus actually reports seem conflicting. I'm glad you and your wife seem to benefit but MMS and this MEL-1 Vaccine both scare me - honestly I wouldn't be so scared if a verified Dr told me it was safe to take.

I believe in both Western and Alternative Medicines but MMS just scares me based on the FDA warning.

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But as I also said - everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I was sharing my personal opinion and I don't think I should be required to take the stuff in order to make my statement as the FDA literally says not to. I'm not going to mess with that.

I think there is plenty of corruption in the Western Medicine which is highly influenced by pharmaceutical companies, but I think that there are some who take advantage of people who have been burned by Western medicine so there is truly corruption and misinformation on both sides.

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There are alternatives like DIM and Coriolus Versicolor, and the FDA doesn't say it's dangerous, and I feel safe taking those supplements as studies proved some efficacy for those.

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Perhaps HPV is like HIV.
You can make it undetectable, but once you stop medication, it comes back.

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Thank you for the feedback, Complicated.

We all have to decide our comfort level with stuff and who to put our trust in. You have apparently decided to trust MSM and the FDA. I hope for your sake, you have chosen wisely.

We chose many years ago to travel a different path and do not use MSM nor do we have any faith or trust in the FDA or any other government agency. We have seen too many incidents involving them in a negative manner to trust them. They are the tools of Big Pharma whether one wants to believe that or not.

One classic example is that of EDTA chelation therapy for atherosclerosis, derided by MSM and the FDA.

However, it is quite effective and inexpensive. But if the MSM and FDA told the truth about its effectiveness, it would ruin a 4 billion/year business. We wouldn't want them to do that, now, would we? Even though it is far less expensive, non-invasive, much safer and far more effective.

There are many other examples.

You apparently realize the corruption by Big Pharma, but have seemed to miss the connection between them and the USG, MSM and the FDA. They are all in bed together. Obamacare is a classic example that illustrates that. Written by Big Pharma and the insurance companies with editing by the unions. A sure fire way to steal the money from the people while providing less and inferior medical care and redistributing the wealth. You noticed that alternative care is not covered even though it is more effective and less expensive, didn't you? Gee, I wonder why.....

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Hi DreamerBob, why don't you just give your friend MMS if she trusts you.
Come back with the results.
I hope she will support the bleach and not loose to much red blood cells.

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Bob, I think it's clear you have some vested interest in MMS. Your messages are spammy and not helpful.

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I have absolutely no vested interest in MMS or any other supplements. I do have an interest in alternative health care though, and study it closely.

I suppose a closed mind would think my comments are not helpful.

But, that's ok, just go on relying on MSM, Big Pharma, the FDA and the USG to watch out for your best interests. How's that working out for all us peoples these days?

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I had done reading on MMS so yes I specifically worry about it specifically.

My understanding is that chlorine dioxide is explosive under certain conditions and even OSHA prohibits and controls exposure for those in workplaces. I do not buy Mr. Humbles statement that there is no active chlorine in the product, based on my reading of Chlorine Dioxide (not articles about MMS) suggest that it can do more harm than good.

It's extremely effective as a disinfectant and I'm sure it kills pathogens but that does not, IMHO, mean that it is safe for human consumption.

I know that you came here hoping to find support for your friend and I honestly do hope she makes a full recovery but I wanted to share my concern that people may not understand what MMS and the potential consequences of drinking a bleach product. My friend had mixed a small amount of bleach with water and lost her pregnancy.

Good luck!

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I also wanted to add that I am not against alternative methods in conjunction with western medicine. If I didn't why would I have a homeopath? It took some getting used to, as I have Aspergers and think in black and white, but I do believe the remedy that I was given helped a little. I had a weird reaction to it however and was afraid to take that same remedy.

However there are definitely lots of awesome vitamin suggestions out there to boost the immune system.

I am sorry if I came off as defensive but your response also felt like an attack

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I think a lot of what we get out of what we read online when researching something is dependent on our bias to begin with.

If one searches for something on, say, MMS using Google, the first page will show links to information from WikiPedia (which is input by anyone and is generally heavily favored towards MSM and big Pharma since they have hired bloggers to do those things) and also from the FDA which is clearly biased against anything remotely connected with alternative protocols.

However, if one wants to get to the good and real info, one has to dig a little deeper and know somewhat where and how to look.

There are many sites that discuss alternative protocols with user feedback, similar to this site, although I must conclude that this site seems heavily favored towards MSM.

If you are interested in "The Rest of The Story" on MMS, check out some links like:

There are lots more if you are interested.

Next time you are looking at a magazine, look at the pharmaceutical drug ads. It is not unusual to have a 1 or 2 page ad hyping the drug followed by 1 to 3 pages of negative side effects, one of which is typically death.

Then keep in mind that when using MMS, one is using diluted drops of the substance. Also, keep in mind that nobody has died from using it as directed and I don’t even know of anyone that has suffered any serious side effects from using it. But I know of many, many that have suffered serious debilitating side effects including death from using MSM’s drugs and other protocols.

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