Margins not clear after LEEP - why are we waiting 3 months?

Trying my hardest to make this short, sorry if it isn't!! I'm 45, have 4 children and had my first pap after many years in April. It came back positive HPV and had low grade dysplasia so I was scheduled for a colposcopy. There were three lesions and all came back CINIII, so I was then scheduled for LEEP. At my 2 week follow-up I was told that the margins were not clear on one, but she said she burnt several layers of cells so maybe she did in fact get it all. If not, I'd have another LEEP, or something else, depending. I was scheduled to come back in 4 weeks - at which time I assumed I'd be getting some type of procedure done, but I didn't, it was just an internal exam. During this exam, the doctor said that if the next pap comes back with cell dysplasia she would have to do a hysterectomy because where was nothing left of my cervix to take. She said I was to come back in 6 weeks for another colposcopy, pap, and possible biopsy. I was somewhat shocked by her comment about the hysterectomy and then asked why we were waiting another 6 weeks. I don't completely remember her answer, but it was something like - that's just what we do, you get a pap 3 months after a LEEP. My question is WHY??? If the margins weren't clear, why in the world are we waiting a full three months to test again?

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You have to let the cervix heal before having another PAP done, or the results could show "false positive" which would mean you going through more procedures (colopscoy, LEEP or cone) when it might, in fact, not be necessary. Dysplasia could take years to turn to cancer, so 3 months isn't very long at all. In fact, I've read that some doctors will even wait 6 months because after 3 months you could still get false results. I'm not a doctor, but that is how it was explained to me. Best of luck to you! Hopefully, your body will kill this virus off from what is left after the LEEP.

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Thank you Sillygoose, that does explain it!

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I had CIN III, a leep and found out my margins showed mild dyspasia. What was the reading on your margins? Also, at 67, I decided what I really wanted was to get rid of the HPV so I did a lot of research, read a lot on this site and began a procedure, which, by the way worked. I am now Pap-negative, biopsies-negative and HPV-negative. I bumped up vitamins, especially folic acid, E, fish oil, D and more. Most importantly, I took Beta Mannon for three months: suppositories twice a day, two tablets in the morning and two at worked! I am now on two Beta Mannon in the morning and will continue that procedure until I have another negative pap and HPV test. I don't regret the leep but I really did not want to go any further with this......

Please feel free to write with any questions you may have.....

Also, healing is important before another test is give so your wait is normal.....I had the same wait.......

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Cecile, I don't know what the reading was on my margins. I didn't get a copy of the lab results this time. I got the labs when my initial pap test came back and I research the heck out of it, which was good because then I at least knew what the doctor was talking about. The thing was, the pap came back as only a low grade abonormality so I wasn't that worried. When I had a biopsy 2 weeks later, it came back CIN III for all three lesions, and after researching that, I was a little freaked! Even the doctor wonders how that could have happened. In the meantime I had my first mammogram and got a called back for a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound because of calcifications in one and asymmetry in the other, so I researched the heck out of that, just to have the further testing come back fine. I think I've been on research overload, so now, I'm kind of just sitting back to see what the pap and/or biopsy shows this time. I was just starting to get a little concerned about the wait and wondered why and am a little worn out from being in limbo so long. I go back on 9/2 so that itsn't too far away. Interesting about the vitamins though!! When I first started researching this subject I saw quite a bit of information on it. I need to check that out some more. Thanks!

Report post sound as if you are able to handle this now. When I had CIN III, the Dr didn't think it was severe but there is no way of telling until the test is done. I think they do their best but the lab is the proof.

Remember, after you settle in, there are many interventions you can do to help your system rid the HPV, Beta Mannon is one of them.

Be well....

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I am 25 i had an abnormal pap smear and tested positive for HPV, then had the colposcopy done, and that came back abnormal precancerous now I go aug. 26th (nxt friday) for a LEEP procedure. I am very scared and dont know what to expect. I just hope that she can get all of the cells out. What can it come back as? I thought the leep results would come back either benign or malignant? is that wrong? what does the C1 and C11 an C111 mean? is it cancer 1, 2 and 3? I just dont know what to expect. I am hoping I dont have to have a hysterectomy, I have twin boys now and am so thankful that I have them...but am not ready for a hysterectomy i am so young. please help with any information on this and what i should be doing in the meantime? thanks so much.

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BBOSC, the CIN ! - CIN III are just levels of dysplasia - NOT cancer! I had the leep done and it really wasn't that big of a deal and I had 3 large lesions taken out. Actually, I was more uncomfortable after the biopsy. During the leep the bad cells are removed and those will be tested. The doctor tries to take more out that just the lesion to make sure all the cells have been removed. If they are, it is said to have "clear margins". In my case, two had clear margins, one didn't which means the doctor didn't cut in quite deep enough, though she did burn a few layers of cells so maybe she got it all. The only reason she is saying a hysterectomy will be my only option is because she took so much of my cervix the first time - due to 3 large lesions - there's nothing left to take if any bad cells are still there when I go back on 9/2.

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Did you ask your doctor why something that is not cancer requires such radical treatment?

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I had CIN III cells in all three lesions and the CIN III cells were present all through the one lesion what did not have clear margins. The next stage IS cancer. If there are still some left, they must be removed, When I went to my two week follow-up after the LEEP and got the pathology results she said that the margins were not clear on one, but she had burnt several layers of cells when after she finished the LEEP so maybe she really did get it all. However shes said if she didn't, and they still showed up during the next pap, she would do another LEEP. Then I went back 4 weeks later for an internal exam at the 6 week mark. After the exam, she said there isn't enough of my cervix left to do another LEEP - hysterectomy was the only option if there are still CIN III cells.

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Hi cecilia and all, really you all sound like good shoulders to lean on. I have had a hysterectomy done after a biopsy with HPV and cin 11 diagnosis april 2011. I still experience vaginal irritations and itching even though the vaginal smear 6mths ago was negative. I hve had no other treatment, advise or help whatsoever even when i went back to my gyn to complain. i went on search a week ago and came on this site. i have noted some of the vitamins and will commece on them immediatialy. my greatest need now is to get rid of the HPV if it isnt too late yet. what is beta mannon. which suppository did you use. who is Dr Conell or/and any naturopath. I am all alone in this and have had no one to talk with till now. my husband really does not care or have little interest and the gyn is not helping. my sister who is a nurse in maryland too dont have much to tell me. but I am very worried and scared. please what more should I do.Thanks. okwy

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I don't know much about post hysterectomy issues. Keep reading and researching. Beta Mannon is a supplement that boosts the immune system and that is why my HPV is negative. I had a leep after discovering CIN I, II and III. My margins showed mild dysplasia. I hope this helps but do write again if you have any questions....

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