Margins are NOT clear - STRESSED

Ok so yesterday I called the office and they said my test resuls came back that margins were clear, today I had my appt and she said that Margins are NOT clear, she took out 2 CM of my cervix which she said was alot, but then she did another ESCC higher in the canal I guess, but she said that it came back clear! So iam so confused on this can anyone give me any answers here? she is asking me if I want a hysterectomy!! Geeze now Iam so stressed, anyone have this problem? Please advise...

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Good news, your dysplasia seems to be limited to the cervix. How much time do you have before choosing to do a hysterectomy? HPV is an opportunistic disease that infects when your immune system is not strong. In some cases, it then progresses slowly to cancer.

You may be able to heal yourself before doing anything drastic. I did.

In June 2012, I had high grade dysplasia and faced a second LEEP, CONE, maybe a hysterectomy. But I opted to do escharotic treatments, supplements, and a healthier diet guided by a very good naturopathic doctor (ND). She said all her patients had gotten rid of their dysplasia as long as they did not smoke at all. I am happy to say that my dysplasia regressed in both cervix and vagina within 3 months. In October 2012, after a new PAP smear my gyno/onco told me I no longer needed a hysterctomy or even another LEEP. You can read my journal for details.


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how do i find a dr like that here in cali? iam from the bay,area, i would love to look into somethimg
like that instead of having anything more done! but i also dont want it to,turn into czncer either

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The problem with MDs is that they cut out parts of you hoping to stop the abnormal cell spread. But that treatment does not kill the HPV virus. Since there is no medical cure yet, only your body can do that.

You could just google as I did and find somebody like this:

Or start here, with the listing of professionals in CA, then read the websites for each doctor near you. I chose my ND based on what she said in her website, her educational qualifications, and then our 1.5 hour interview:


BTW, I am from San Jose originally. Good luck!


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Wow - so I called the above number and they said that they could help me from down South! that would be awesome, so which Dr do you see Workingitout?? I would be very interested to know. I made a 15 min phone conversation with Dr. Martin so we will see what happens.

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I see a doctor in Santa Fe NM, Dr. Deborah Keller

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