Local Anesthesia for LEEP

hello, i am scheduled for a LEEP next week and curious to know what experiences people have had with local anesthetic combined with epinephrin. im fairly sensitive to medications in general and want to know what i should expect to feel upon injection. do i need to be worried? any feedback would be great. thanks.

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I had local anesthetics when I had my LEEP procedure done. My advice is don't look at the utensils they use. It will scare you at first. The shot is mearly to relax you. You might feel a slight tingle and then your heart will begin to beat a little fast. (my experience) then the nurse would tell you to take a deep breath and relax. You might still feel a little sensation, when they perform the LEEP procedure., especially when they actually do the LEEP. My doctor forgot to tell me to take a motrin before the procedure, but ask you doctor first before taking it. That could help with the pain. After you have the procedure done it will hurt to go to the bathroom and you will have some bleeding. Don't worry if you see brownish coloring, it's just the thing they use to stop the bleeding. If you have any other questions feel free to contact me.

GOOD LUCK! Every thing will be ok!

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dear tida006, i hope you are well after your LEEP, and staying healthy? thanks so much for the info. im glad to hear that it was a relatively straightforward procedure and you didn't have any adverse reactions from the anesthetic. i do wonder how they know in advance that one is not allergic to either the anesthetic or the epinephrin. i'll check on the motrin... anything to lessen the pain afterwards would be welcome. thank you again!

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I also had my LEEP under local anesthesia and I would suggest that you talk to you doctor about giving you something to relax, like a Xanax or Valium if you are really nervous, as you want to be as relaxed as possible (at least that is what I did).

And like, Tida006, don't look at what is going on. Try to close yours eyes and drfit off, as you really don't want to see the utensils and tense up.

I hope all goes well.


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I have had LEEPs with local and general anesthesia. I prefer general because believe it or not I have tolerated the general anesthesia much better. I believe the anesthesiologist (sp.?) may have mixed it with anti-nausea drugs though since I told them I have a tendancy to react.

Local anesthesia was used for two of my procedures. I don't remember the injection so it must not be that bad. After both of the procedures when they allowed me to sit up, I got pretty lightheaded and sick to my stomach. I had to stay for 2 hours afterwards waiting for side effects to wear off before I drove home.

Perhaps if you are sensitive to medications you will have someone there to drive you home?

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Hi Sachi,
If your worried about being allergic to either the anesthetic or the epinephrin I would highly recommed you check with your doctor, especially if you never had local anesthetics before. I had for other surgeries and procedures so I was fine. Thank you very much. I'm doing great now staying healthy and positive.

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