leep procedure and cauterization

I have been experiencing abnormal bleeding with clots up to a half dollar size since October and it is only after my boyfriend and are trying to be intimate or attempt to have intercourse. I start bleeding and it doesn't stop. I didn't think much of it although it never happened before but I thought he was just bigger than my past boyfriends, but on Dec 30 was the worst, it was all over him and me and dripping down my leg. I did not have a current OB/GYN so I found one who could see me on the 2nd. He couldn't really tell where the bleeding was coming from but did see it. He did silver nitrate to stop the bleeding. Well it didn't stop. I did have an ultrasound which showed a cyst and fibroid but I was assured they were normal and not causing the bleeding. Wednesday Jan 9 I ended up having the leep procedure and cauterization. I was told I might have some spotting but very minimal. The worst would be the clear discharge after with a foul spelling odor. I did not bleed after the procedure and all day Thursday. Friday night about 5 oclock I stood up from where I was sitting and blood just gushed out. I immediately called the dr on call and she said go to the ER and we may need to take you to the OR. I was examined and the dr on call did see the cauterization but no open/flowing bleeding anywhere so I was sent home. I am scared because I haven't stopped bleeding. I don't know what to think or feel. My pap was normal,

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They just sent you home? What was their explaination? Bleed as you have discribed is not normal and you should see you gyn again. Please get a copy of your leep results, have a look at the results. Bleeding is caused by something and is not to continue endlessly. Push for your cause.

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they said since there was a visable bleeder upon touch to go home. I don't have the leep results yet.

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