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Has anyone had a LEEP procedure. I'm going tomorrow. I am very scared. They mentioned something about a cone biospsy when I registered at the hospital. I'm confused... is that the same thing.

I feel alone in this and was looking for some support. The guy I am seeing is not quite educated about it and when I told him about all the stuff I am dealing with, along with hpv itself, it seems like he does not want to deal with it and has distanced himself. So now I am going through this procedure essentially alone. I have an awesome friend that I will be staying with afterwards. But I'm sooooo scared. I have no idea what to expect.

Anyone that has experienced this, please let me know how your outcome was. How typical is it to have normal paps after the procedure? How typical is it to have to repeat the procedure. I'm really have a difficult time dealing with this and understanding how long I'm really going to have to be dealing with this.

I'm also terrified of breaking out with GWs in the future. I keep reading about how it takes people months or years after for warts to appear. The internet has really made me terrified of this disease.

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I just had mine done on Wednesday. In normal circumstances I think it would be fine. I'm allergic to the normal anesthetic they use and had to use one that is not as effective, so it was a bit uncomfortable. I had alot of cramping after but the only real hassle was the tiredness afterward. It's Saturday and I'm still pretty wiped out.
I do think that under the usual anesthetic I wouldn't have experienced any discomfort though. Just be calm, relax , and it will be over fairly quickly :)

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Honestly, you have nothing to worry about. I had mines done a few weeks ago and prior to the procedure I drove myself into a panic thinking the worse. I started with ASCUS, then it went on to CINII after the colposcopy, so I knew for sure the findings would be worse after the LEEP. The procedure itself is not bad- it's uncomfortable, but NOT painful. It like having a more intense pap. The recovery for me was a breeze. I did not have any pains only discharge and an unpleasant order (which drove me crazy). All in all it lasted about 2 weeks. I could have gone back to work after the procedure but, I took the day off just in case. I got my results- it was downgraded to a CINI- which I am thankful for. I am going back in about a month to check my healing and probably schedule for another pap in 6 months. The best advise I can give you is take one step at a time. Don't think about the future or the what ifs. Try not to go on the boards/forums because they will also at times make you more scared.

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I had the LEEP procedure done 9 years ago. It wasn't painful to have the procedure. I know for the first few days however, I was sore and didn't want to move a whole lot. I was back to work within a couple days though. The Cone procedure I believe is a little more advance surgery that is done in the hospital under anesthetics. I hope all went well for you!

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a leep is actually them burning the cells off, with a cone they take a cone shaped section of your cervix out to biopsy it. Its more advanced and usually used when the abnormal cells are extending into the endocervical canal. cone was harder to recover from I was in much more pain, although when I had my cone they also did a leep so it was extra bad. When I had my leep I was not in much pain afterward. good luck!

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Hi there,

I have had 2 LEEPs done now and they are perfectly fine. The first LEEP I had done was 2 years ago when I had CIN2 cells and unfortunately the cells have returned, or maybe they didn't get them all as I have recently had CIN3 cells removed. The colposcopist said that the area of cells that she was concerned about was only tiny, hence needing the LEEP (burning the cells off and then cautirizing the area to stop bleeding) rather then the Cone Bioposy which is apparently more painful as they actually go higher up into the cervix canal to take a larger wedge of your cervix. Most docs prefer to do the LEEP first rather than the Cone, depending of the severity of your cells and situation. You hear lots of horror stories on here but my advice is to remain calm and positive. Apparently one of the major causes of CIN cells returning is stress in your life. If you panic and get stressed about everything, you are more likely to weakon your immune system which causes extra stress on the body. The rest is obvious stuff- like eating healthily and taken regular exercise which I do. I am very fit and run 30 kms a week, only weigh a slight 52 kgs and eat really healthily plus have never smoked. I have been told that Folic Acid very good at fighting the HPV virus so I have started taken this- 400 ug a day. Make sure you get plenty of sleep too. I felt very tired after my LEEP and I would recommend taking a couple of days off work, just to let your body rest and fully recover from the anaesthetic. I am awaiting the results of my biopsy now, wish me luck!! I am told that once you have HPV, you have it for life but you can build up an immunity to it and you can make it remain dormant in your body. I am sooooo determined to do this....HPV is not going to beat me!! I was also told by the doc that even if you have CIN 3 cells, this is NOT cancer....and that cancer cells would only develop after 8- 10 years if the CIN 3 cells were not removed which made me feel better. Don't let HPV rule your life, stay strong, positive and don't let it beat you!! Good luck!!

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