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I had a leep/cone biopsy 2 weeks ago today and go back for the follow-up appointment with my OB/GYN Monday. She has been on vacation, but a midwife in her office told me that pathology results indicated three samples: 1. small amount of ???epithelium?? and no evidence of dysplasia 2. high grade squamous CIN3, chronic cervicitis something about at a 7:00 focus ??? 3. benign endocervical polyp. She did not say what the margins were like. She read this report really fast at the close of the day, and said that the doctor would review it with me Monday and answer my questions. She could not tell me what the next step of treatment would be.

I am new to all of this- have never had abnormal test results before in my life! I am an educated woman, but figuring out what all of this means is not easy. Can someone give me any insight as to what these terms mean: high grade squamous CIN3, epithelium, 7:00 focus, and chronic cervitis? Also, what questions should I be prepared to ask my doctor?

Thank you!!!

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hello vcal! i'm sorry to hear you're going through, but know that you've found a warm supportive group here. it might be helfpul to know what your original biopsies showed. did they find cin3 with the biopsies which they took during the colposcopy? and now you've had a cone biopsy using leep method?

i might be able to help you decipher some of what the nurse told you. epithelium is the layer of cells that cover the outside surface of the cervix. squamous cells are a type of cell that is in the cervix; they've got a flat shape. it may or may not be helpful to know that the oral (mouth) structures also have epithelium and squamous cells. ok....so those are anatomy type terms. cervical cancer and dysplasia are most often in the squamous cells of the epithelium; the other cervical cancers/dysplasia are adenocarcinoma and occur in the glandular cells of the cervix. it sounds like of the 3 samples, the first and the third are normal.....'no dysplasia' is a good thing (!) and benign is another good word. as for the other sample, CIN means dysplasia (cervical intraepithelial neoplasia) and 3 is the extent of the dysplasia. in a pathology report, focal means limited to one area (think of the word focus). the 7:00 may refer to 7 o'clock, which is how they view the cervix, like a clock, and it refers to the location from which the cervical sample was taken. cervicitis would mean inflammation of the cervical tissues.

here's a really good website reference to help you better understand a lot of the terminology for abnormal paps, biopsies, and so forth, from the national cancer institute:

i'm familiar with having biopsies taken during colposcopy (let's just say i've had way too much experience with these!) and there could be multiple 'reports' corresponding to multiple biopsies taken and analyzed by the pathologist. i'm not as familiary with a cone biopsy, and i thought there would be one diagnosis rather than several, but it's not a procedure i've had, so this might be something i'm learning from you! when i had my leeps, they just gave me one pathology report. and, usually with a cone biopsy, one would get a report about the margins, whether or not they were clear, with the hope to have clear margins, meaning they removed all the abnormal tissues.

i sure hope some of this helped! i know this is all very scary and it's a whole new 'world' to learn about! let us know if you want more info, and good luck on monday. i think the questions to focus on with her on monday is to discuss the results of the surgery and talk about what's next.

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Wow... I am thankful you know so much about this but sorry that you have learned it through your own experiences. Thanks for sharing what you know. This does provide some clarification and actually makes it sound a lot less scary than googling these terms. You can imagine the kinds of information that came up on my search. I will definitely check out the website you recommended--- at least if I understand these terms I can have an informed conversation with the doctor Monday. Thanks so much.

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