LEEP before the Biopsy results?

I have been reading and reading. There seems to be so much information and I am having trouble figuring out what will help me.

Two weeks ago my PCP called to say my regular Pap showed abnormal cells (this is the first time this has happened, and I go each year to be tested), yesterday I had a follow up with a NP in my local hospitals GYN/Oncology dept. She did a Biopsy and scrappings of the inside. The biopsy was in two places.

She explained to me that I showed abnormal cells on the inside and the outside. Or basically what I gathered from her explination. So both types are abnormal.

before I left she scheduled me for a LEEP on the 26th, which will be before my results come back from the biopsy.

Is this normal? and she also said that if I want to have a child depending on my results, i would want to get pregnant with in 6months.

If my LEEP is on the 26th, I have read its 6 weeks before you can have intercourse, and even then its not comfortable and you bleed. That cant be good for someone trying to get pregnant.

My boyfriend, as odd as it is, lives in another country. He is waiting on his visa to come through so right now I am planning on visiting him mid February, at which time we will try, if need be and can be depending on my results.

Does anyone have any information to share? Will I be able to get pregnant/have intercourse in Feb? And is it normal to have a LEEP before the results of my biopsy come back?

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hello jilliebeanz. i'm sorry you're going through all of this, and know that it can be very scary. i would say that it's not usual to have a next step before the biopsy results are back. that said, the results would probably be back by then. generally, it only takes 2 to 3 days (in the u.s.) to get your biopsy results back.

it sounds like you're trying to become more informed, and that's a great idea. you'll want to ask what your pap test results were - not just 'abnormal', but the specifics. and they probably tested for hpv as well. hpv is the cause of cervical dyplasia and cancer.

i would highly recommend that you see a gynecological oncologist. they're the experts with cervical dysplasia/cancer.

if you want to keep your fertility options, there are usually ways that can be done. i don't know your whole medical situation, of course, so i don't know why the NP (nurse practitioner?) is already discussing hysterectomy. and did you not have a doctor do the colposcopy? again, a gyn/oncologist has the best expertise in this field.

are you having the leep done with general anesthesia? i've had 2 leeps and was awake, but many women are now having the procedure done under general anesthesia.

i hope some of this info is helpful for you. you've got lots of support here.

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Thank you for replying Flowershoplady, I swear I have hit the refresh button on this thread a dozen times today to see if anyone could help... Thank you so much!

To answer some of the questions you had, and as I have read some of your other responses I really already feel comfortable with the information you can provide... God sent, is what they call it.

The woman who performed my procedure yesterday, Colposcopy and Biopsy was a Nurse Practitioner in the Cancer Center at my local General Hospital. I thought that was normal?

The woman who will be performing my LEEP is an MD and the director of the Center. They are both listed under GYN/Oncology. This office was a referral from my primary care physician. But I have thought of getting a second opinion, which I was thinking the MD could give prior to my LEEP, but I am not sure if that is right... as they represent eachother..?

As far as I can remember and tell, she wasnt very informative... or at least I didnt understand enough to get what she was saying. My Pap showed Atypical (not sure of the type or whatever it is that they are classified as...) I just heard her use that word as she looked at the computer screen with my results. And then she said... there are two types of cells Sqemous (sp?) and Glandular... both were on my Pap showing abnormal something Atypical.

That makes no sense, but maybe you would be able to break it down better.

I asked if I would be put to sleep, she said No, but I will be numbed and then given a sedative to make it easier. But I would rather be a sleep, she didnt make it sound like it was an option.

I have written a Blog on the visit itself to see if anyone had info related to some of my questions, although they are mixed up with other ramblings filled with my emotions on the Blog, it does give basically all the info of what she told me yesterday.

Thank you so much for all the information you have already given me. I go for my LEEP on wednesday and really .... I dont feel prepared at all with knowledge or power.


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hello, again.

i encourage you to do your best so that you do feel prepared and knowledgeable. before the doctor does the leep, ask your questions! bring paper and pad so that you'll remember the answers. if you've got someone you want to bring along, then another set of ears would be great to have too.

to be honest, i've never had a nurse practitioner as my health care provider. i know they can be very knowledgeable and skilled, and i don't want to make a judgment on the individual who you saw. that said, a lot would depend upon your situation, but many of us on this message board see not 'just' gynecologists, but gynecological oncologists, because they have the best expertise with gyn dysplasia and cancer. if it were a general gyn situation, yes, gyn is the best. for possible gyn cancer, the gyn/onc is the best.

i read your blog, and can see that you are filled with anxiety. certainly not knowing your specific diagnosis would contribute to that. it's ok to ask to talk with the doctor first, to understand exactly what's going on, even before the leep. you should be able to get a copy of your test results as well. did the pap show cervical dysplasia or cancer?

as for the leep, i didn't have general anesthesia; it wasn't an option offered to me at the time. i think it's great that they're going to give you a sedative so to help you relax and 'dull' the experience. did they tell you to take ibuprofen beforehand? it will help with the cramping that often results.

please call the doctor's office tomorrow, monday, to see if you can get your answers, or to set up something on wednesday, prior to the scheduled leep. and if you need more support and/or have more questions for those of us who have gone through similar situations, post a message.

sending gentle hugs your way.....

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Thanks again for replying. I think as you said I will call tomorrow and see if I can get questions answered. With it being the holiday (Christmas Eve) I dont know if there will be anyone to speak with me, but maybe I can get them to let me come in early for my visit to speak with the MD that will be performing my LEEP.

I just feel like everything is moving so fast. More or less I wanted to know if that is a very common practice for these problems? I feel as if it means the abnormality grows and progresses fast.... is that right?

I will take ibuprofen before hand too.. that is a great suggestion. Up until yesterday I was getting cramps from the biopsy and scraping... and today I feel sick, but I think that is more related to stress and loss of sleep.

hugs are so good to get, thank you so very much.

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I called my doctors office today and spoke with the NP who took the biopsy. My results were back today and oddly enough... they showed as she worded it..."Severe Sqeumous(sp?) cell Dysplasia"... She said that its a pre-cancer.

I am not sure what anything really means, but I guess that it is good as she put it that there were no Glandular cells like there was on my Pap Smear. Is that normal?

I will speak more with her on the 26th when I have my LEEP which she says has to be done. Also that not to worry about it, as I had asked her all the questions I didnt ask the day of my Biopsy.

I decided to take a few days off work until after the New Year. This hole thing has really taken a toll on me, I woke up this morning with the worst Cold Sores I have ever had. Most likely due to stress...

Thank you again, and have a wonderful Christmas and New year.


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hello again, beanz. i'm glad that you called the doctor's office to get some questions answered. i hope you're feeling better, more informed. i would continue to encourage you to get the specifics of your results so you are best able to understand what's going on with your health.

once you have all your info, assuming you want to know all the details (because some women prefer not to know), and you may want to ask for a paper copy of your medical records, here's a website link from the national cancer institute that explains pap test results and also details next steps after each of the different abnormal pap results:
the american cancer society is another good resource:
http://www.cancer.org/docroot/CRI/content/CRI_2_4_2X_Can_cervical_canc er_be_prevented_8.asp

biopsy results are generally reported as CINI, CINII, CINIII, and here's a website for details:

i would question the doctor on why the NP is suggesting an urgency to having children, and why hysterectomy was noted as a next step.

i think it's great that you're taking some time off. the rest will be good for you physically and emotionally.

in your other posting you were surprised that your doctor hasn't discussed the gardasil vaccine with you previously, and that's probably because you're not in the recommended target for the vaccine. the goal is to give the vaccine to girls prior to their becoming sexually active. and, yes, getting the vaccine at this point could protect you from getting hpv strains that you don't already have.

i hope the info isn't overwhelming. i believe strongly in being informed! :)

let us know how the leep goes.

best wishes.

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hope things went smoothly yesterday and that you're resting and taking good care of yourself. thinking of you!

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