What can i expect from a LEEP? pain level? after effects? (i'm abstinent right now so sex is not an issue) but what about working out? how long to wear a pad??

not sure if relevant but the Colposcopy was quite noneventful for me..i didn't find it painful and i had sex on the 7th day with no issues. There was about 4-5 days of light brown discharge and tissue that was it. But as for pain, it was nothing.

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Here is a thread with some post LEEP experiences:

http://www.inspire.com/groups/national-cervical-cancer-coalition/discussion /leep-recovery/

I have one scheduled for next week & I found this informative. Good luck!

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thank you, but what are clear margins everyone keeps speaking of? what are margins??

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Hi, Blazing!

From what I understand, clear margins mean that all of the abnormal cells have successfully been removed from the transformation zone by the procedure, in ths case, LEEP. I could be mistaken, since I have yet to have my LEEP done, but I was told that it's a lot like removing an eye from a potato. Afterwards, the tissue sample which was removed, is sent to pathology. From there, the pathologist will determine two things, one, whether the abnormal cells which were removed are cancerous and two, whether the abnormal cells extend all the way to the outer margins of the sample (in any direction). If the abnormal cells are contained within the margins and the outer margins show no sign of cell abnormality, chances are good that all abnormal cells have been removed and the risk of cancer has been contained.

Once again, I could be mistaken and am open to being corrected if I am giving any misinformation. There are plenty of very knowledgeable ladies on this site, who can probably give a much better explanation than I can. Wishing you the clearest of margins!!

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Yes, the way Pepsicolarocks described clear margins is pretty much what my doctor said today!

Here is another great thread about positive LEEP experiences that I enjoyed reading:

http://www.inspire.com/groups/national-cervical-cancer-coalition/discussion /positive-experience-with-leep/

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Blazinblasian: I just wanted to make a quick comment about the wearing of pads. I am not sure if you meant could you go back to wearing tampons after a certain time period or if you meant how long you would be bleeding after the LEEP. This is what my gynocologist told me. She said that wearing pads is always best once dysplasia is in the picture. She said that tampons cause aggravation to the cervix. Personaly, I had to quit wearing tampons after giving birth to a 10lb baby; my body just hasn't been the same sense, lol.
There are always going to be difference of opinion about wearing tampons versus a pad with dysplasia, but I can see the logic of the tampons aggravating the cervix.

Anyhow, I just wanted to mention that little tid-bit realy quick. Good-luck with your LEEP :o)

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I'm glad you thought the colposcopy didn't hurt. I thought it hurt worse than my LEEP. I had local anesthesia. Hopefully your dr. will give that to you. The only thing I felt during the LEEP was the anesthesia shot. Just a quick prick, nothing really. I didn't feel the actual LEEP procedure.

I had cramping the first week. I wore a pad for 4 weeks. I just had a light pink discharge that turned into a light yellow discharge. I had some spotting twice that didn't last long. I had spotting on day 3 and day 10. During my 3 week check-up I was 95% healed. So I imagine you will have to wear a pad for at least 3 weeks. This all depends of course on how much they have to take out, and your personal situation. Listen to your doctor's orders.

I didn't do any exercise, have sex, or wear tampons or anything that could cause infection for 4 weeks. You have to just let your cervix heal. The waiting is the worst part. Also, my period was 2 weeks late. The nurse said this was normal. The LEEP can affect your hormones. Your period could be early or late or skip. My first period after my LEEP was more crampy than usual. It was also hard to tell if the blood was from my period or from my LEEP. It was confusing. I just took Advils and put a heat patch on my tummy. My period lasted 5 days though, which was normal for me.

And if they cut out the cervical dysplasia, they look at the outside of the tissue. If the bad cells are located in the middle and the edges are healthy, then that means they got all of the bad cell area out. If they have bad cells on the edges, then that means they cut THROUGH some bad cells, and that there is more in there. So you want clear margins to make sure they didn't miss anything.

Good luck!

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I had my LEEP done on June 9th.... All abnormal cells removed with clear margins!!! YAY! Thank you Jesus! I went back to my doc on June 25th for a follow up just to be sure the healing process was on the right track. I have had smelly discharge and very little spotting. On the 25th the doctor said she could see the scap and that healing is going as planned. I have read for many that the scap falls off between 7-10 days post LEEP...... Is it normal that I'm at the 4 week mark with no real bleeding? And I've been VERY nausea. Any input will be great. Heal well all :)

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