Is this really true about the Mirena and lesions/CC?

I was diagnosed with CIS last year in Feb. I've been through a royal NIGHTMARE since! At that appt, I was 6 weeks after having my baby boy. The discussion had come up about birth control. I had thought about the Mirena and was interested (not knowing all the problems associated). BIG MISTAKE! The doc did the colposcopy/biopsy and then put in the Mirena. It later came back with CIS. I had been diagnosed with high risk HPV 5 years ago, so this didn't come as a shock. It wasn't a matter of if, it was a matter of when. Well, here we are, a year (a couple weeks short) and I just now found out that if you have high risk HPV, lesions (of any sort), or cervical cancer, you ARE NOT supposed to be given the Mirena. I've read reports of women having abnormal PAPs after insertion which as we all know is a result of the virus but that the Mirena made this worse. This thing has been a little T shaped nightmare. Has anyone ever heard of this or had the same problem?

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I refused Mirena when I was asked if I wanted one inserted during a D&C. One year later (September 2012), I was diagnosed with CIN 1 and am due for a follow-up pap/HPV test in March 2013. It is interesting that you mention the link between Mirena and CC, because I have read about the IUD working in our favor. However, I think every woman's case is different. There is so much conflicting information out there; it is frustrating to have no clear-cut answers to predict the course of this disease and its risk factors.

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