Is Colposcopy painful?

I've been told that the procedure can be painful and that they won't provide any local anaesthetic. How long does the procedure take? Can you describe the experience please?

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its not painful some people find it a bit uncomfortable even if you have to have punch biopsies you don't really feel it if you need anything else done while your there you will get a local try not to worry xx

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A colposcopy is just a procedure where your doctor looks further into your vaginal canal/cervix with a microscope. I've had colposcopies where my doctor just looks at my cervix and does nothing else, but I've also had the procedure done when my doctor performs a routine biopsy, as well. Biopsies just feel like small pinches and then you may make you feel period-like cramping, but they're not painful. My doctor had me cough every time she took a small biopsy and I didn't feel any of them. The entire procedure took about 15 minutes so I wasn't at the office very long.

You can tell your doctor that you're nervous and uncomfortable and he/she should walk you through the entire procedure so you feel better.

Hope that helps!

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Colposcopy means an exam with a colposcope, an instrument that sits outside your body. That means it can't add any discomfort beyond the usual of having a speculum in. Your doctor might even have one attached to a viewer so you can see your insides magnified, which I thought was cool.

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Hi Carol:)

I had the colposcopy done twice, and I can assure you, it was not painful for me at all. It's just uncomfortable. You're laying there, your doctor is all up in you,lol. And there may be a nurse standing behind him watching as well. I even had the added pleasure of having an intern watching during my 1st one:) But all in all, there was no pain. Hopefully your doctor will talk to you as he goes, to ease your mind and break the silence.

Afterwards, there will be a brownish matter coming out. It's just the formula that they used to see the abnormal cells.

Do not worry your little heart, it only takes a few minutes.

Sending well wishes your way!!!

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Hi Carob,

I had a colposcopy and was also very nervous about having it done. My doctor was very gentle and talked me through the entire procedure. It took maybe 10 minutes. If I need another in the future, I will not be as stressed knowing that it isn't as painful as I imagined. If your doctor takes a biopsy, you might feel a sudden, slight cramp but I don't think it is even as bad as a period cramp. You should be able to take an analgesic like Advil or Tylenol before and after to ease your discomfort. The bleeding afterwards was not as bad as I imagined either and didn't last very long...maybe a few days to a week.

Best of luck to you!!! I hope everything turns out okay!

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The colposcopy is just where the doctor looks to see the abnormal cells and the biopsy is when they actually take a small sample. There are no nerve endings there, so that is why they don't give you any anesthetic. But, I find it a bit uncomfortable and I cramp for a day or so after. The procedure itself only takes 10-15 mins.

Good luck!

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I didn't find it to be painful at all. Just a little uncomfortable and a pinch that I felt for a second. I felt a burning sensation for 2 days due to the acidic solution (like vinegar) that he used to prep the area but it was not painful. Don't be afraid. It will be done before you realize it.

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I have a low pain threshold (I take 4 Ibuprofen for a Pap smear & it still hurts me) and I'm so glad I took pain relievers prior to the procedure, which did include 4 biopsy areas. However, the Dr. asked me if I was on a pain med and I said yes. She asked what it was and I said a Vicodin and then she did something that was very painful. I found out later she used a forceps to open my cervix so she could get a biopsy higher up. I don't think she would have done that had I told her I hadn't taken anything. The pinches were tolerable but again, I was on pain meds (Vicodin & Ibuprofen).

Had I listened to a friend and several nurses (I called around as I only have a GP & I wanted to find a gyny that would knock me out for the colposcopy but no luck - I admit I'm a wuss) I would have been in trouble just taking "a Motrin," which is what one nurse suggested if I felt the need. I don't mean to scare you but I can't imagine what it would have felt like had I not been on the pain pills - or maybe they just didn't work on me.

If a regular Pap test hurts you like it does me then you might want to take something. I wish I were like the rest of the women on here and could say it didn't hurt, but then again, she did an extra step. If I ever have another one (high probability), I'll tell her I didn't take anything so she doesn't do that forcep thing.

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