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I had dysplasia about 4 years ago and it freaked me out. I ended up having a colposcopy and a leep procedure done after that and was also told i most likely have HPV. Sad to say i don't think i have ever been tested for it. I have been clear of dysplasia or abnomal pap's for the last couple of years. Well recently i went in and had another abnormal pap and i am sceduled for a vinegar wash? so that my doctor may be able to complete another colposcopy. My appt. is Aug. 13th and i feel my immune system is down. i would like to boost it before i go- hoping that it will clear up the dysplasia. I am also having trouble getting rid of a yeast infection and this concerns me about my immune system. I have taken diflugan and used a monistat 3 day treatment as well as a daily dose of acidophilus.

All this history aside my question is how beneficial are the herbal treatments for HPV out there. I have reasearched Viralfree. All it seems to do is boost your immune system. i take a multivitamine, echinacea and an acidophilus tablet. What else should i take?
Thanks so much!

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Hi buglett,

You might try plain organic yogurt for the yeast infection (inserted into the vagina) (if the other remedies don't seem to be working). Home remedies can always backfire, but the yogurt feels so incredibly soothing. Here's a link with the rationale.

I also read that a woman's vaginal and cervical fluids are the natural cleansers of the vagina and help rid the body of infections. So it's helpful to avoid douching, soaps and tampons, to allow those fluids to flow freely and promote cleansing & healing.

I think general immune system is important, but less important than what's going on in the vaginal/cervical area, and a naturopath or herbalist could do a treatment where they apply herbs directly to the cervix (if you're OK with alternative treatments). They could also prescribe dietary changes that might control the yeast and any inflammation that might be in that area.

With respect to general immune system, I think getting lots of rest, eating lots of fresh fruits & vegetables, moderate exercise, reducing stress, being outdoors everyday and getting fresh air and some sun (for vitamin D levels) and drinking plenty of water are all more important than supplements - but others might have different thoughts on that...

Other factors that can influence dysplasia are hormonal birth control pills or IUD's and, of course, smoking. The Mirena IUD, for example, releases progesterone, and abnormal paps are listed as a possible side effect.

Doctors say that sex doesn't make a difference, but I think if sex is irritating or causes infections, that it could make it more difficult to clear the dysplasia.

Do you think this is a recurrence of the same HPV or a new infection?

Good luck clearing that dysplasia! It's great that you're taking good care of yourself...

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hello buglett. yes, a lot of the supposed 'cures' for hpv are simply general immune system boosters.

one thing that has been proven to be effective in helping to clear hpv infections is DIM. so, one of the key things to look for when you're selecting your veggies, as an immune system strengthener (not sure if that's a word!), is DIM which is 3,3-Diindolylmethane.

Here's a quote: "DIM is a dietary indole from cruciferous vegetables that has demonstrated pre-clinical therapeutic efficacy in models of DMBA-induced mammary cancer, transplanted human breast cancer, and in models of human papilloma virus (HPV) related disease." this website provides more details:

DIM is sold in pill forms in stores such as Whole Foods, but there are lots of vegetables that provide it as a natural source; it's from cruciferous vegetables such as kale, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, bok choy, cabbage, and radishes.

as for the yeast infection, are you sure it's a yeast infection? if not even the diflucan got rid of it, perhaps the doctor needs to take a closer look, and maybe he or she will have something else to prescribe. and corellin mentions many things to do or to avoid to get your vaginal health healthier, and another thing to consider would be to eliminate irritants such as fragrances and dyes in your soaps and laundry detergents. i use 'kiss my face' olive oil soap which has no dyes and no fragrances, and i use ecos laundry detergent which also has no 'extra' stuff.

and, you can ask your doctor to run an hpv's generally done from the same sample used for the pap smear.

i think it's great that you're taking steps to get healthier, and maybe you can get rid of the dysplasia (and the yeast infection) without any medical 'treatment'.. wouldn't that be great?

let us know how you're doing.

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Flowershoplady, thanks for bringing this up. I had not heard of DIM and am reading up about the difference between DIM and I3C
Any inputs are appreciated

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i have read several of your responses to others recommending DIM. i am going to try to find some at the local vitamin/health food place. Any recommendations on which is good?

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inspyre, my understanding is that IC3 is the natural precursor to DIM. you may want to check out the website for several articles on all this, and here's one in particular that discusses IC3 and DIM:

buglett, i've not taken any of the supplements....that is how the research study was done, with supplements, but i try to just get it from my diet. there are some things that would be difficult for me to get by just my food, but this doesn't seem to be one of them. in fact, i got some beautiful red kale at the farmer's market yesterday! :)

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Being healthy is a good goal, but be cautious about taking any steps that might mask your test results.
For yeast infections, I hate inserting anything, from over the counter to plain organic yogurt. The one pill remedy from the doctor has been best for me.
It doesn't seem like a direct link, but reducing stress may be one of the most important things you can do for yourself. Take care.

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Hi Buglett,

I agree w/Anne - it's important to avoid any kind of douching prior to your next exam so that nothing is masked. If you think the yeast infection hasn't cleared up, call your dr. - another course of oral anti-fungals may be necessary and she/he may want that done prior to seeing you.

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I just wanted to let you all know that I wrote to the website that sells BioResponse DIM and they say that they are the only truly bioavailable form of DIM on the market. They sent me this link which you may want to read if you are interested in this.

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I was diagnosed w/ HPV in 2007 though my dr. never explained to me that I had an STD. He was just monitoring the abnormal pap smears and I guess did not want to worry me, but I am angry and frustrated now because I was diagnosed w/ DYSPLASIA after a 2nd surgery in May '09 to remove a uterine polyp and do a D&C scraping. He now wants to do a cone biopsy, but I balked since I just had had surgery and was still recuperating. So he told me to come back in 3 months and hopefully, if I eat foods high w/ antioxidants, exercise, and take vitamins, it may go away.

I am confused since I've never smoked, eat healthy organic foods, and take tons of vitamins already. My main problem has been a weak immune system that I've had since childhood, probably from taking too much antibiotics (even for a sore throat/cold.)

I went and got 2 more medical opinions, but they sided w/ his recommendation to have surgery again. So here I am now, planning on scheduling my follow-up w/ my dr. presumably to do surgery. In the meantime, I've been seeing a therapist, acupuncturist, and have done Reiki. I am trying everything. But I'm upset that I have to go through surgery again, and put a hold on my life, when I was starting to feel better. (I was also laid off 9 mo. ago and my ex broke up w/ me around the same time. So it's been a struggle emotionally to move forward without adding all these medical problems.)

What I want to know is: How am I supposed to build my immune system so that I can fight this on my own if they're going to inject me with penicillin before the surgery to reduce the risk of infection, then after I have to take antibiotics orally for 5-10 days. I went through this process in May and had also gone through this same process in Jan. '08.

Seriously, I'm fed up with the medical establishment!!! They obviously can't cure me, and they're doing a lousy job of treating me!

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