I have a cold knife cone biopsy and Electrical loop scheduled for tomorrow

HI ladies,

Thank you for amazing posts. I am ok today actually, even-though I have a cone biopsy with a cold knife plus loop LEEZ scheduled for tomorrow.
I am 25 years old, no kids, no abortions, with a long term relationship and a 2 cases of CIN in my family (mom and aunt)
I know the procedure by heart. My mom did it with a laser and my aunt had many operations, including the laser. Both well, my aunt even had a 2nd child after all those operations.
I am just wondering is it normal to have both these procedures at once, and also the doctor is doing it in a total anesthesia.

Did some of you ladies had cold knife and electrical loop done at the sae time, and was it in TOTAL anesthesia?

Thanks and stay healthy

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I just looked it up and there is a procedure which combines both. You should ask your doctor what is the purpose for doing both procedures and why do you have to be put under anesthesia? Most people are put under anesthesia for a cold knife procedure from my understanding. You can always get a second opinion if you are having doubts or questions.

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Sunshinedubai- I had both procedures done. The loop was first and I was not put under anesthesia for that. It was actually done in my drs office and I was able to get up and go right after. Had almost no bleeding at all from that and slight cramping for a few days. All she did was numb the cervix for that. Then my pathology reports came back from that which was a lot worse than they thought. That's when they told me I needed to have the cold knofe cone done. That was scheduled in advance and was done at the hospital and I was completely out for that. Was able to go home a few hours later after the surgery. I have never heard of them both being done at the same time and don't quite understand why it would be don't that way. From what I was told.. when they do the loop.. some of the cervix is cut away but not a lot. When a cone is done.. it is a much larger portion..
I agree with infinityheartlove.. you should talk to your dr and ask what the reasons are for doing both at one time. I've learned that if you are unsure of anything.. you need to ask. Ask as many questions as you need to and if that dr isn't giving you answers you should consider a second opinion if you haven't done that already.

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Meant cold knife cone** :)

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Hi ladies, thank you for the reply. I had the surgery today, started in the morning and lasted for an hour, but because of anesthesia, I stayed there couple of hours. Well I had Cin 3, so the doctor had to do the cone in order to check how deep is it and the combined with the leez for the upper layer, because my whole cervix showed abnormal cells. She said she had to do the cold knife in order to leave the borders clear and the leez for the layer on top, that had to be removed also. So she didn't wanted to do a big cone as I understud, but again had to check the inner layer and have the clean cut (I mean borders) for the future. I just wanted to share my experience, maybe will be helpful for someone. I have done this in Dubai and I can say they were so professional and polite that made my pain ease. I will update you about the news. Stay healthy and happy :)

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Thanks for the update. Good to know the reasons why she did both at the same time cause I have never heard of that being done before. Glad you are doing well.

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Hi SunshineDubai,
I am glad you are doing ok now. Please keep us posted - hope you will be all cleared going forward.
Thanks for sharing your experience.

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Hello ladies,

Today is the second day after my surgery. I am usually very active, but now I am trying to listed to the doctor and stay in bed, just to make sure I rest properly. And I am trying to take a lot of vitamins and fruits, etc... ANd NO STRESS. That is something that triggers HPV to become active as I found out. I have been searching about natural treatments for my condition, but still didnt find something that is working. I tried taking vitamin B17, but I didnt feel well at all. I dont know if it should be like that or not, but I keep feeling like I will faint and vomit..
Did you try any of these remedies?
Did someone used homeopathic medicines?

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