I had a simple trachelectomy ( I d like to get pregnant)

My name is Caroline
I am a French woman , I moves in usa 18 months ago.
I have been diagnosed Adenocarcinoma in situ in March 2012
After a hpv cin 3, My doctor offered me 3 choices
an other conization with high risk of recidive
do nothing, and wait

I finaly found a doctor in France (lyon)
and had my trachelechelectomy in july 2012.
They put a stich on my isthme.
I got my periof every month
I have a lot of questions
I would like to talk with someone like me.
I feel alone

( sorry for my English) I don't have all the medical terms)

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I also had a trachelectomy in July 2012 but mine was a radical trach with lymph node dissection also. I may not have the answers to all your questions but just know you are not alone!!!

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thanks very much for your answer
are you trying to get pregnant/
did you have a normal pap since your trach?

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Yes, I had a normal PAP in November and my next one is at the end of this month. They will also do a PET/CT scan at this appointment to make sure there is no cancer. If all that is clear then I'll be able to start trying to get pregnant, although I don't plan on trying until the summer since I'm getting married in May. You may want to change this post to "shared with members" instead of public so you get more responses. If you have any other questions feel free to ask!

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