I am confused

Okay. The short story is I was dxd with HPV over 15 years ago. I don't remember which strain, BUT I did have ACGUS within months of breaking up with an old bf in college who gave it to me and 2 of my friends! One of these friends also got pre-cancerous cells. Anyhow, it went away for a loooong time. I recently had an abnormal Pap which showed LSIL.
I am having a colpo on Jan 31.
In the meantime, I have started having postcoital bleeding and cramping/pain during intercourse with my husband. The gyn put me on a course of Flagyl in case of infection. There is no bad smell, no itching, etc. I called them back because it is still happening even with abx treatment. The nurse said I could come back in quick to check for other infection. However, during my Pap, I asked for STD testing (gonorrhea and chlamydia)etc, and these came back normal! During the exam, the doctor said everything looked smooth inside and there were no areas of inflammation, etc.

I guess I don't understand WHY they think I could still have infection? I was on cipro for a week before the Flagyl too for sinus stuff. Now, I don't have any infection symptoms, not even yeast infection symptoms, and I know my body pretty well.

I asked the nurse if the bleeding and intercourse pain could just be from the abnormal cells, and she tells me no,,,it is probably infection. BTW, the pain/bleeding only happens during missionary position....weird.
Therefore, I am confused.

Either way, THANK YOU for anyone who reads through all this!!

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Can you try to see another dr. Bleeding during sex is not normal under any circumstance. Its the first question they ask you if you go in for an emergency appt. Its a sign of something. Good luck to you.

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The colpo will tell you more information. I had HGSIL with the high risk HPV strains on my pap and the colpo told them the pre-cancerous cells were advanced and needed to be removed. The bleeding most likely is from the abnormal cells, but you'll know more when you get the results.

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Thanks girls.
MrsKitty-- I believe you replied to my other, very similar, post as well! thanks :) I am thinking it is the abnormal cells, especially since it is only in certain positions it happens.

Cattas-- I live in W. nebraska and the place I go to is the only place around for hours where they have obgyn. This is the place they refer you to. Unfortunately, this is my only option unless we go out of state, but then ins. won't cover. /they also tested for gonorrhea and other STDs, all negative.

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