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I was searching for information regarding HPV and VAIN - which I was diagnosed with today and found that many people were inquiring as to if you should continue pap smears after a full hysterectomy. I had a full hysterectomy two years ago - skipped one annual pap smear, following a normal pap smear - - but needed one to renew my hormone prescription (Estradiol). Anyhow, my pap came back abnormal - I was scheduled for a coloscopy and biopsies were taken. Today I rec'd the news that I had VAIN III and Carcinoma In situ. This is pre-cancerous cells and very much not common....in my research it said normally something found in women over 60, I am 42. My doctor said it is very rare, he had only seen it a few times, but thankfully since caught now, cancer had not developed, phew! So...I just thought, as I was hoping to find in my searches, that I would pass it on for those that were looking for someone that had a similar experience. I scheduled a laser surgery - and plan to have a pap twice a year from this point on. My question that I forgot to ask my OBGYN is if I should be taken off of the Estradiol.... I did begin taking BioResponse Dim 150 yesterday too, read good reviews, and anything that boosts your immune system can't be 'bad'. I am very healthy - was struggling financially and let my insurance lapse - would not have gone to the dr had they not told me I had to, because I felt I had nothing to worry about..... get your annual exams! I preach be proactive not reactive, and yet I wasn't living that. I've been chatting with my teen kids friends openly and honestly about this because I didn't look for info until I had a problem, I'm afraid that may too often be the case! .... Do your part n educate people, it's not every day we chat about our paps over a glass of wine, but hey....might make a huge difference in someones life!

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Thank you for sharing your story ... and YES you need to continue to have the pap tests even after a hysterectomy. The HPV virus could still show it's ugly head and cause problems!!

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And....a hysterectomy does NOT guarantee against further incidence of dysplasia. If NO Paps are done post hysterectomy, which was done for cervical cancer, the stat is 1% risk of CANCER re-currence (not dysplasia). The statistic for a re-currence of dysplasia in the vaginal, vulvar areas is around 20%.
In a total hysterectomy, the cervix and uterus are removed. Therefore, there is no cervix any longer so 'cervical' cancer per se is no longer a concern. However, HPV attacks other areas than the cervix such as the vulva, vagina, anus, etc, so these areas are susceptible to dysplasia, carcinoma-in-situ & cancer as well.
A partial hysterectomy is removal of the uterus, leaving the cervix in place, which would not be an option for a woman with cervical cancer. This may be used more in women with benign, uterine bleeding, fibroid issues, but more options than ever are available today so a woman does not need to undergo a hysterectomy to treat these conditions.

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