Hvp free!

Hi everyone :).......I haven't been on her in a very long time. Just had too ENJOY life & not let the whole "hvp" thing ruin/take over my life anymore :)

But I have had 2 pap's done & std check & EVERYTHING was negative! Yes finally! Lol

I think keeping your mind off of it plus haveing too do a few other things will help it go away plus I think me being celebate for the past 2yrs helped too but who knows :)

I just thought id tell everyone know the great news & that LIFE DOES GO ON with or without hvp! :) I hope that everyone will get a negative result & be hvp very soon......never lose HOPE xoxo

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Thanks! How long were you testing positive before you got your negative results????

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I only tested positive once & that was jan of last year & after the colopsy I've had 2 negative results so far so I go again in 6 months & if that's negative than I go every yr than instead of 6months

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Congratulations, Kaylamel!

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Thank you :)

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Stay healthy and keep up on your reg paps!


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