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pls anyone help me, I have a question other than sexual contact how can HPV virus can be transmitted to someone because my brother drank from my the same cup I drank and he used my water jet. I hope I did'nt give anything to my brother. Can HPV be transmitted through Saliva or using the same towel or using the same shower because I stayed with my brother and his family for 2 weeks while my husband was in a business trip I'm worried about them.

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I read that you avoid using the same towel. I don't know about the cup. Hey, you're not alone, my kids drink from my cup all the time...they hang around me. My worry is the toilet seat and the pool but i asked my dr. again this week and he said not to worry live your life. As if i can do that. I've been a mess every since this has come about. And with this oral cancer business i'm even more upset for myselt and my husband. this is a nightmare to me.

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Dear Cattas this is my first abdnormal paps mere I got the hpv virus from my husband. The day I found out that I have hpv I feel my life is changed now.
My Dr. told me the same thing the virus can't transmitte through toilette seat or using the same cup.
Is this your first time you get hpv?
What about if someone has hpv and is still single means they can't date or get married?
My husband and my brother they tell me not think about it as if I can do that, specialy now I'm waiting for my colposcopy result to come iback n april 6.

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I know how you feel. I've been an emotional mess. But we are were we are. You need to keep strong, stay healthy so that your body can fight the infection. You'll have the virus but it can be dormant.

Make sure you eat healthy, sleep well, get some exercise. Eat lots of broccolli, bok choy, leafy green veggies and take supplements. If you can afford it, a naturopath may help. And keep up with your appts. There is nothing else you can do.

If you're still single and you have this. best you tell your partner, best you learn about your partners past, there are many strains you can get more then one.

When did you have your colp? I got my results my results in 10 biz days. Call the office if you haven't heard from them.

Good luck. We're all in it together.

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I'm not single, I got the virus from him because he was the only person I was intimate with and this made me not to be happy with him anymore.
I had my colp on monday I will get my results on april 6 and then start my treatment.
I hope your result came back good.

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I too am terribly frightened that I could have passed this on to my kids. My daughter kisses my husband and me on the mouth all the time. Both my kids have shared or tasted my food with my fork. My ENT and gyno both said I most probably did not pass HPV to them, but I just don't trust that answer.

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