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Ok here's my story.....I'm 27 and last year I noticed that I kept missing my period for a long time. I went 3 months without my period, took tests for pregnancy, a sonogram to check for any other possibilities such as pregnancy in the tube, and all tests came back negative. Well I went to a new Gyn and he got on my case for not comming sooner when I noticed not having my period for over 8 weeks because I couldve been in the hospital for hemoraging. Well he took some blood tests, a pap smear first before giving me progesterone to make me have my period. Well the pap came back saying that there is HPV (no warts), abnormal cells, a lesion that says high grade, and that I have to get a Colposcopy done. Well I showed I wasn't pregnant so he gave me the progesterone to make me have my period. Well that only worked for 3 months and I'm back to not having a period at all. The results from the colposcopy said mild dysplasis, no cancer, but the lesion low grade.

So I make another appointment for my pap smear and discussed that I haven't got my period again. So he does another blood test and I did a home test for pregnancy and came back negative. so my doctor doesn't know why I'm not having my period. well today he calls for the results of the pap smear. He said I still have mild dysplasia but there are cells that have gotten worse. I have to do another colposcopy the end of this month. He asked if I haven't got my period and I still haven't so he wasn't happy again for that.

Well I don't know what to do....I want 1 more child later on and I just wanna be normal again. I looked online to see possibilities of why I may be missing my period and I can't seem to find anything related to missing my period having hpv. I see it can be stress sometimes, not ovulating, not producing progesterone. My tests showed I'm ovulating, my progesterone levels are normal, stress i think everyone gets but i dont think it's severe with me from the norm.

So hearing today that it may be worse is not fun. I think I wanna explode.

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Hi Alycat -

I have a similar problem with missing periods and then I get them and they are awful (severe pain, bleeding in excess and clots). Basically, I went from being every 28 days like clock work to being 46 days, 40 days, 52 days, 47 days this period. Which is crazy because last year, I had my period with regular bleeding for over 80 days and spotted out until I reached 102 days.

So far, my doctors can't find any reason. I am going to have them check for endometrial problems and fibroids. I have been getting ultrasounds every 90 days, both abdominally and a transvaginal, which may be your next step? Although, my doctor said not getting your period isn't necessarily a sign of something bad happening.

I am sorry I can't be of help, but do know you are not alone. I hope you get regulated. Let me kn ow how things work out for you!


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hi, alykat. sorry to hear you're having several gynecologic problems. having hpv or having cervical dysplasia shouldn't impact your period. and, yes, stress can definitely be a factor. i hope that gets resolved soon! i would encourage you to get a copy of your medical records to better understand the results of your tests, including the paps, hpv tests, biopsies, etc. If you have mild dysplasia (CIN1), diagnosed via colposcopic biopsy, then the doctor may just keep you on a watch and wait mode to be sure it doesn't get any worse. most women can clear this on their own, without medical treatment. it may help to stop smoking (if you smoke), eat good for you veggies (including cruciferous vegetables), get plenty of sleep, reduce stress, and reduce vaginal inflamation/irritation (avoiding irritants including tampons). what's your next step with the doctor? let us know how you're doing!

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Thanks for the replies. I have another colposcopy on the 29th because he said some cells have got worse. So I will find out later on for those results. I still haven't got my period either.

Well I'm a non-smoker, non-drinker, eat plenty of veggies too, stress comes and goes.

I may just go get other tests done to make sure nothing else is wrong with me for not having my period. But not sure if there is anything that can stop your period. I will look into it more.

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just a thought....if you're exercising a lot (a lot!), and have very (very!) low bodyfat, you may stop menstruating.

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thats never fun to hear stuff like that i got a call yesterday saying i neeed a second leep. after my first leep i experienced kind what you did . i didnt have my period for over two months i was really concerned took about three pregnancy tests. but then it finally came. my docter said that it was stress.i thought it was weird that stress could have such a impact on the body. i hope thats all it is for you.

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Ok, I had my colposcopy/biopsy done today. My doctor explains to me before the procedure that my last pap results say that I have mild dysplasia with a low grade lesion and now I have a high grade lesion that appeared.

So now I wait for the results, my mom is freaking out but I'm calm about it. Also I still haven't got my period and he gave me progesterone to make me have it.

Guess now I just wait.

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I went thru similar experiences in my early to mid twenties...Didn't have periods at times for 3-6 months at a time...I was trying to get pregnant at the time too which made it even harder when you don't have periods...

Well this is what i found out.....I had Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome...and if your ovaries are not producing a mature egg each month and realeasing an egg each month you will not have a period... I ended up on Clomid a fertility drug to help stimulate my ovaries...after three months of treatment i got pregnant.... had to do this for both pregnancies.

Symptoms of PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) is due to to high levels of testatrone in your system which cause excess hair growth on your upper lips or face, extra body fat around the middle, hair loss, no periods, ovarian cysts, etc.... I equate it to your ovaries must be having an gendered identity crisis....lol. You might want to ask your Doctor about this condition if you are experienceing any of these symptoms....

Meanwhile please make sure you get good advice and treatment for your high grade lesions...i'm going thru all the testing right now to determine what level my dysplasia is myself....so im almost at the same point you are. My initial pap smear showed ASC-H can not rule out High grade lesions and HPV High Risk positive...just waiting for my Biopsy report to come back in.....

Let us know how things are going for you..

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Ok well i just got the results from my 2nd colposcopy today...Well as before I still have mild dysplasia on one side and now I have moderate dysplasia with a high grade lesion on the other side and have to have a LEEP done.

And right after I had the colposcopy I kept bleeding, I called him to ask am I supposed to be bleeding continuously and he assured me I'd be alright that its normal. I said well would the colposcopy trigger my monthly, he said no, but he was wrong because I got my monthly finally since July right after he did the colposcopy.

I told my new boyfriend of what is happening with me and he has been supporting me about the issue and wants to be there when I have my LEEP O.o

Well that's all that's been happening so far.

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Im having almost the same problems.Im 27 and i have 2 children.Its now July and i havent had a period since Dec-Jan. 08,09.I was still ovulating cause i had a preg. loss in feb i was 6 to 8 weeks.I had no idea I was even preg. i took 2 hpt and they were neg.So after that i have not had a period so my obgyn put me on protrium for 10 days to introduce my period then I started clomid on days 3-7.well on day 6 i would say i had very light spotting.so on day 3 of my period i started the clomid now its july and no period not even any spotting.I dont think im preg. cause my b-friend has been pulling out.

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