hpv re-paps and spotting

I went for my re-pap for hpv/ abnormal cell growths yesterday and am NOT menstrating but have moderate cramping and spotting and bad lower back pain. Has anyone ever had this happen after a re-pap? If so what can you take for the pain thats light on your stomack and as natural as possible?

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Oh hun, don't worry!

That is a very natural and common side effect of getting a pap smear. Because they actually touch your cervix, it tends to cramp up. Some pain is a little worse for different women. I happen to be one of those women, actually in a lot of pain "after" my pap and for a few days afterward. The back pain can and does happen too.

I'm surprised that the doctor, or any doctor has never mentioned that to you before. But I guess all doctors operate differently. I know my Doc used to always tell me to expect spotting and cramping for a few hours afterward.

Trust me, it's perfectly normal!

As for the cramping and pain, you could take a Midol (for period cramping, even though it's not your period) or simply a Tylenol or two. It should work just fine!

If it continues for more than a day or two, I'd say call the doctor back. But I think you'll be just fine. :)

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Thank you Lost-In-Lonly, yea idk My dr is all over the place and dosen;t explain anything to me unless I have a problem. This is still lasting to this day so I got another appointment with them next week. Never had actual bleeding and burning pain like that before. I tryed midol and magnesium but it wouldn't help. Guess I'll find out sooner or later

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