HPV Positive having awful pain suring sex!

I am 22 and was finally diagnosed with HPV after an abnormal pap. Prior to this I new something was wrong because I was having unbearable pain during sex but my doctor insisted that everything was fine. His recommendations were useless his thouht were to use different lube, change condoms, try different positions, maybe your partner is to agressive....etc. He believed it was all "in my head" and i was anticipating the pain blah blah blah. Worst doctor ever and he just kept switching my birth controls. So to make a long story short i finally went to another gyno to get a second opinion. After that I was diagnosed with HPV and had a colopsy and was thankful to find out that it was mild and nothing had to be done expect i had to take vitamins....do the gardasil shot and have a paps in 6 months. So right now I am on my second shot and all this time I still cannot have sex it is unbearable it feels like an indian burn when he is entering......and trust me we have tried everything. so now literally its been probably over a year and we haven't been able to do anyhting at all :( I honestly feel so guilty and upset like I am almost scared now at this point to even try because I don't want to dissappoint my boyfriend. I know it is not from the colospy because I had it before that. I am wondering if maybe it could be cervitis or something like that???? I want to get anyone's thoughts? or has anyone experienced this at all??? Or if you have cervitis what are the signs??? I really want to be normal again.....its been such a long process and I am ready to be done with all of this. Anyone's advice is greatly appreciated THANKS!

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i would find a doctor who you feel comfortable with. Not being able to have sex for a year is a HUGE deal. Cervicitis causes pain during sex. The condition inflames and infects the cervix, but there is both antibiotic and anti-viral treatment available. The other main reasons i've seen online for pain during intercourse include being allergic to the contraceptive used, and STD's, such as gonorrhea. Even though you don't have either or these conditions, you need to see a doctor. A whole year without getting any action is far too long. You should not have to feel bad and guilty about your sex life.

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HI! I'm 22 as well and I've experienced the same thing! It's incredible how similar our experiences are. I have a low-risk hpv, and I was just told on friday :(. I had my pap done in Sept, and I thought it was just abnormal because I had just spent the weekend with my boyfriend, but it was abnormal due to the hpv. My colp was pretty clear of everything and they found no CC at this point Thank god!!! But no one had told me it was all due to hpv. Until Friday when I switched family doctors and SHE had to tell me after she looked through my records! Talk about an ice breaker! But as for the uncomfortable sex! I've had that too, unfortunately I am not sure that we have the same reasons for it because I found out I had an infection and that was why It was painful for me to have sex. But did anyone talk to you about a latex allergy!? Just a thought, cause allergies aren't always around they can develop and get stronger. I would definetly talk to the second doctor about it and see what they say, I don't have my medical license so I'm not sure, but you shouldn't have to go that long with out sex. It's just not fair. Take Care!

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Thanks for your replies! I feel so much better knowing I am not alone....it definitelty has been forever since i've had enjoyable sex and I am soooo over it. haha. and I am foresure my boyfriend is as well. He understands but common its been forever. I think I am definitely gonna just schedule another paps and talk to my doctor. I have read on here that hpv does not cause pain during sex. Is this statement true??? If so I definitely have something else. I just hope it is not something hiding and getting worse as we speak. Hopefully it does not affect be long term.....cause I want kids oneday! I wonder if I do one of those vagisil screening tests if anything will show up as far as a vaginal infection goes. hmmm. just a thought I might try that as well. I highly doubt I am allergic to latex but I thought that too at one point. My first doctor thought that I could have had an experience with forceful sex and now my body goes into shock and tenses up when I try to have sex. Could this be true??? Has anyone experienced that?? and how do you get your body to chill out and enjoy it? Thanks again ladies for all your posts! :)

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I realize this post is old now, but did you ever resolve the pain you were feeling? I was told two days ago that I have some form of high-risk HPV. I have to go in tomorrow morning for a colposcopy. I'm hoping and praying that they say the displasia is mild and that I don't have to to come back for six months. At any rate, I went to the doctor because of that horrendous pain as well. I kept hoping it would go away on its own and that I had somehow irritated myself either with a new laundry detergent/soap etc. But it never went away, and is still making me miserable. =( My best guess is that since the virus can live within us dormant and only shows positive when we are actually infected, that perhaps the pain is related to our bodies' attempts to fight the infection through the basic immune response of inflammation.

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I hope the colpo will be all you need! I had HSIL/or severe dysplasia as well. Your MD will be able to tell right away if you will need a leep to burn off lesions. After my colpo I had a leep. Leep did not get rid of my lesions because they were up in my cervical canal...... im now 6 wks post op....i ended up having hysterectomy.....(I wanted one). It was uncomfortable at times having sex, but not all the times. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me. I work for a ob/gyn. Best of Luck

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