HPV options question?

First would like to appoligize for miss spelling, Im a terrable speller and am on a new computer, havent figgured out how to spell cheak on it yet so bare with me...About 8 years ago I got diegnosed with abnormal paps. Been doing coltoscopy scapings every 3- 6 months ever since. They told me its a very agressive and there not sure were it came from cuz there is not sighns of hpv. I got vaccenated after I found out about the abnormal paps, hoping that I didn't, already have hpv.Three years ago was diegnosed with pre sighns of cervicle cancer cnn2, I just ended up doing treatment the way I always do with the coltoscopies. I really didnt understand what my dr was telling me when she told me that I had cervicle dispasha and at risk of first sighns of cancer due to my mother dien from bladder cancer and having to nurse her at the same time I was going through this. They caught it in time before it spread to other regions. A year later I got diegnosed with HPV, the cervicle cancer strands. I asked my dr if they were the same thing and she told me the abnormal paps and the hpv were two seprate things occuring but the same desease. Witch just confuses me, I trust her though so I just continue with drs orders of every 3 to 6 months going in for coltoscopies. Its getting harder to fight off infections. I am getting bacterial infections more frequently for no reason at all and I get sick more often. For the last 5 years been having Fibermuligia like syntoms and syntoms of hormonal changes that no one really can figure out whats actually going on. 4 years ago I had my appenex taken out and the dr that did the surgery told me in privet that this was not the end of my health problems, that I was going to be back in the hospital sooner than expected and to go to the gyno, then walked out of the room. Still to this day don't understand what he ment by that other than whatever is occuring didnt come to a head or was to recent to do anything about. I'm tired of being sick and have had enough of dr visits and medications that don't work for pain. I feel the pain is a syntom of this hpv spreading or something related to this. Since its so hard to fight off simple infections anymore, I want to invest in other treatments but I don't know if or what I quallify for. Or if there really is any better option out there. Dose anyone know of any? My gyno is horrable with this, she makes it so uncomfortable to speak to her about this or even tell her anything personal. I stay with her cuz I feel she caught my desease before it advanced into a bigger problem and am so scared to go anywere els. Can't bare the thought of going through all this all over again. I thought if I can get some advice on were to go and what to ask for I can have a higher success rate in finding a way to live comfortably/ cure it before it turns into cancer.

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You are smart to realize that you need to take control of your health. Doctors only do so much.

Through diet and lifestyle, you can fight HPV as well as fibomyalgia and immune system problems. Dysplasia really can regress before you get cancer -- I did it! You can read my journal to see what I have been doing. I am so much healthier today than 6 months ago, and so much less frightened.

Right off the bat, do not drink, smoke or eat meat/ processed foods/ sugar. Take D, B and C vitamins. Also take DIM to adjust your estrogen levels and fight HPV and breast cancer. (I like BioResponse brand the best.) And avoid sex while your body heals.

xoxo WorkingItOutt

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Is dim recommended for women that have had a hysterectomy and history of hpv
Only 6 months out from surgery and waiting on next pap to see hpv status

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Along with what has your experience been with ND recommending natural flora to your diet?

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Thank you Workingitoutt and golfgirl233 for all the help. I'm a little hesitiant to mess with esterogine and flora leavles without knowing wht I'm getting into. I herd taken supliments like thoughs can be harmful to your body but I feel there is some sence to it. I'll ask my drs about it see what they think. The vitamines Ironicly enough I placed myself on in the past and felt a change in my energy leavle, however I got sick; I don't know if I was taken to much or to little but I stopped because I was having vision issues and neasua. the diet can't hurt. I never herd of ND before, but I know my system is super sensitive and responcive to everything it intakes and I tend to be hesitant with antibiotic meds because I've had near death experince with a few due to allergies to them. However the flora I looked up online looks like they have an all natural suppliment that increases it. I might just seek help from an intergrative health specialist and just have them test my body to see what they recamend and go from there. Thanks again for all your help, it gave me a little more hope and helped me understand more whats really going on.

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An ND is a naturopathic doctor, and some are better than others. Mine is wonderful. In addition to her ND Ph.D, she has a BS in nutrition and a BS in Medical Anthropology, and is a certified midwife. She is constantly reading research articles, and she always tells me what she see actually versus what she suspects. Her specialty is cervical problems, including HPV, and infertility in women and men. By detecting causes of my inflammation and immune system issues, I believe she has saved my cervic, vision, and maybe my mental health (because boy, was I scared). I found her through online seaching and verified her experience and success before meeting with her for 2 hours, providing the most detailed medical history of my life.

My lesson, learned late in life, is that NOBODY will do as much for you as you must do for yourself. You need to read and get smart about the best doctors available to you. Learn about everything that can be making you vulnerable and sick. Then take action. For example, DIM is just a derivative from cruciferous vegetables. It is not adding estrogen to your body! It is helping to normalize it. We eat food from plastics, eat chemically treated foods, and apply cosmetics from drugs -- all of which really mess with our estrogren levels. And then we wonder why young girls get periods and breasts so young, and why we get breast cancer and can't fight off HPV? Also, alcohol ruins our folate levels, with resulting folate deficiencies linked to cervical and other cancers. Yet no doctor ever says don't drink at all, which probably would be the best advice for us to be healthy.

Below is a link to the book that started me on my search for self-improvement. My lightbulb moment came when the author said, if modern medicine can't cure us, why not try the natural path to heal ourselves?? I have multiple college degrees, and from blind faith I had kept limply following my MD's recommendations with nothing resulting but a worsening of my case. To be honest, I only saw my ND because I figured I had nothing to lose, not because I believed in this natural stuff. And now I am so grateful, I keep trying to pay it forward.

Good luck to you,

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Thank you workingitoutt for clearing up what nd is and my understanding of DIM. Maybe an ND dr is better than an intergrative health dr for this. I'll look into it. I've been so lost about what drs to actually go to for this. I feel most my problems occured after hpv got exstreamly agressive 5 years ago, been chasing syntoms after syntoms ever since. Problem with alot of these drs is I'm young, they see me come into there office and say I'm to young to be going through all this. Some don't see a problem then they run test and realize I'm sick. I use to work at a vitamine shop and have a few friends in the medical feild that have been helping me try to figure out a natural way around this. I have this book 1000 best natural cure I think its 2008 addition it has all the list of all the vitamines and herbs for every problem known to man to take. I'm not a dr though and I learned the hard way placing yourself on vitamines and herbs can harm you if your body dosent really need it. You gave me alot to think about and discuss with an ND. I find you really helpful. Thanks again

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Hi ka8t71. I also had similar experiences as you had with doctors. I was diagnosed with CIN 1 in 2008. My dysplasia got worse playing the waiting game developed to CIN 2/3. I researched and found Dr. Nick LeRoy in Chicago. He provided natural treatments and escharotic procedure. Everything has cleared up and has not come back! He's amazing! You should check him out... www.drnick.net Good luck!

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Hi there.

As I read your post's portion about getting sick and having been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, I HAD to let you know that those are CLASSIC signs of having Celiac Disease, or at least sensitivity to gluten.

I suggest you have a "Celiac Blood Panel" - a blood test ASAP.
Do NOT stop eating gluten containing foods before being tested, or the test will not work.
The test looks for antibodies to gluten. 1% of ALL people have Celiac Disease.

While their bodies are trying to attack gluten (a molecule found in the grains in the wheat family),
their bodies CANNOT PROPERLY fight-off ALL other infections AND CANERS!!!

Again...ask for a : "Celiac Blood Panel". Celiacs (including myself are 'gluten intolerant' - we cannot digest gluten. 30% of all people carry one of the two genes for it. You only need one of the genes to get the disease, and you can get it at any time in your life.

IF the test comes back positive (meaning high antibodies to gliadins/gluten, you will need to go COMPLETELY gluten-free. It will not be easy to do, but no longer getting sick a lot is SO NICE... Gluten is in MANY things, including most lipsticks (it's a glue-like substance). See www.celiac.com, among other VERY HELPFUL sites.

If it comes back negative, you may still be among about 10% of other people who should not eat gluten (referred to as 'gluten sensitivity'). Gluten sensiivity is just as bad as Celiac. The only way to know if you are 'gluten sensitive' is to go completely gluten-free for 3 weeks (you would need to check ALL products by Googling them and the word gluten, even toothpastes and floss and you can not kiss someone who just drank beer and did not rinse thoroughly, or use mayo or mustard from a container that may have had a knife that had touched bread placed in it ever, etc - those are examples of what is called 'cross-contamination')...
then, after getting ALL gluten out of your body...see how you feel. If you feel 'significantly' better, do not put gluten back into your body.

One last comment for you and all who read this reply... I also must be 'dairy/casein-free' - because I had Celiac DIsease for a long time and did not know it, and casein (found in ALL dairy products, except Ghee- clarified butter) is molecularly similar to gliadins/gluten, so my body began to try to kill off that protein also. It is VERY common that if someone had a problem with gluten, they also have a problem with dairy... I add this because you may also want to try to remove dairy, if gluten removal isn't enough. Of course, you will need to take calcium/magnesium supplements at that point (as I do).

Well... hope that wasn't 'too much info'....
I know a lot of people do not want to get tested, because they cannot imagine going through life without gluten and/or dairy... but I am living proof that I went from sickly to very healthy after finding out I am a Celiac. Yes, I got HPV from my current boyfriend, but no dysplasia yet, and I do hope to clear it. If I were eating gluten and dairy, I wouldn't have much of a chance, based on how sickly I used to be when I ate those... I also was told I 'had fibromyalgia'... guess what? They were wrong... I NEVER HAD it... it is A VERY COMMON MISDIAGNOSIS for Celiac Disease. I also never had the other misdiagnoses I got before learning I am a Celiac: IBS (irritable bowel syfrome), reflux (heart burn), canker sores, etc... ALL GONE after getting gluten and dairy out of me... and also gone are the constant colds, infections, etc.

God bless you, and I do hope you will get tested, etc... or that someone reading this post will benefit from my share.

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Wlow, Gina, you said it best of all. Gluten and casein both are culprits in so many things called "fibroymyalgia" etc.


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Great discussion!!!

Keep it up, you are all very inspiring to so many. We need to keep this type of info alive and well on this site.

Stay healthy and positive!

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hey Katie1979 thank you, i'll take alook at him. I live on the east cost so I don't think he'll be ideal. I appresate the information though,...Hey Gina16 thank you for all your information; theres some sence to what you say. I've spoken to a fitness trainer that has reccamended a gluten free diet and for my cortisol leavels to be cheaked. I'm looking into NC drs near me that can run these test. Thanks so much for all your help.

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http://ncanp.com/ is the site of ND professionals in NC -- they are pushing to get naturopathic medicine licensed, which I support...anybody touching our bodies should be properly trained and reviewed

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I am relatively new to the forum.
I would like to ask if anyone's troubles started with the abnormal glandular cells coming up in the PAP.
P.S. I am troubled by some of you taking this horses dose of vitamins. Too much of vitamin can be quiet harmful...

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Hi, Gogona. Not sure this is the thread you want ask your question on, specifically regarding abnormal glandular cells - you might want to start a discussion.

About supplements - yes, some of us do take a lot. I reversed CIN2/3 in one month thanks to to diet and supplents. I had a rough year(my profile goes into detail) and I stopped my diet and supplements and it has come back. I'm refusing a LEEP while I work on reversing my cervical dysplasia again - but this time I'm armed with more information and plan on keeping it away. But of course, I'll also continue to follow up with paps.

Oh and I must add - I don't always take a pile of supplements. I try to get as much as I can from diet. My regular supplements are mushrooms(reishi & turkey tail), curcumin, bee propolis, grape seed & a prenatal. I rotate other supplements.

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