HPV & Dysplasia after hysterectomy

My doctor told me that after my hysterectomy the pathology reults deemed clear margins all around and that all the pre-cancer cells/dysplasia has been removed. He told me that I will need to go in annually for only 2 years to have a PAP and as long as they result in negative that I am in the clear, and that then exames would be fewer and further apart.
I failed to ask a few questions, so I am inquiring here for some answers. Does this mean that the HPV that caused my CIN 3 is now gone? What is the risk now for a reoccurrance of dysplasia?

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since you had cervical dysplasia, you should continue to get annual paps and hpv tests, even after a hysterectomy. though it's not 'common', it's also not rare to have vaginal dysplasia. and though the hysterectomy may have removed all the dysplasia (and congrats on that!), you can still have hpv on the vaginal walls as well as on the 'vaginal cuff' which is the area where the cervix used to be. you can get an active hpv infection from existing hpv you still have in your body and from new exposure. you may also want to learn more about other hpv related disease which includes vaginal cancer, vulvar cancer, anal cancer and oral cancers.

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Hi. This is also now my concern. I was diagnosed with HPV 45 with CIN 1 dysplacia. I ,do have two children already so having the hysterectomy was the best choice for me. I just had my hysterectomy with also the removal of my cervix, was able to keep my ovaries docter said they were in good condition,but the uterus had a lot of lesions and in bad shape. I am in my recovery stage it's only been 2 weeks from my hysterectomy and am not feel at all myself,and am restricted from heavy lifting and driving for 2months.I was told by my docter that removing the cervix that would take care of the HPV and CIN 1, but i read any article were someone said that the cervix grows back and that now i am in more risk of other cancers,also one more thing i read in this article it said that the ovaries would die in 2 yrs.because of lack of blood flow.does anyone know about all this and have you experience all this. the docter went thru the c-section that i had,actually had two c-section with both my kids and to have to use that route was painful again. i am taking great care of myself with supplement and resting a lot.i just pray to god that i won't have to have any more surgeries later on, it's just so mind draining,i know you understand:) thank you and hope someone could give me more advice.

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hello, josie. i'm really sorry to hear you had a hysterectomy as treatment for CIN1 - it's very non-standard procedure for this diagnosis. most women will clear CIN1 on their own, and the ACOG doesn't consider hysterectomy to be the appropriate first treatment of dysplasia. and, no, the cervix doesn't grow back after a hysterectomy, but with hpv, you can still get other hpv related disease, including vaginal, vulvar, anal and oral cancers....so please keep up with your pap smears and hpv testing. and, yes, some women go through ovarian failure after a hysterectomy. i hope your recovery goes smoothly and that you're soon feeling better.

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I am 49 and found out today that I have HPV. I had to get a vaginal growth biopsied. I have had a complete hysterectomy a few years ago.
I think we all want to know the same thing. What is the absolute longest a person can have HPV before knowing it? Ten years, two years, twenty years?
I hear so many things and in my life, it is very important.
I have been a faithful wife for 23 years. My husband was not faithful for the first few years of our marriage. So, could I have gotten it from someone prior to 23 years ago? If not, can I assume I got it from him years ago or, is it possible I got it recently? I need to know and I don't like the idea of male doctors avoiding this question and saying that we will never know. I can't help but believe that a man would not accept this so willingly. Maybe I am completely wrong. I am just angry. Help

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My hpv had been gone for 15 years and suddenly came back. So it can take many years.

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Hi Kif,
I hate to be nosey but, but I am really curious????Just wondering, had you been faithfully in the same relationship for the 15 yrs prior to the return of the HPV? Was you partner faithful? Did you have a hysterectomy?

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I just found out that I have hpv as well. I had a full hysterectomy 3 yrs. ago. Everything was removed, I wanted it all taken out. I had fybroid tumors in my cervix, endometriosis (sp). That was why the surgery and I told my doctor I wanted a full hysterectomy, because I didn't want to have to come back and in a few years after having a partial only to have to have a full one.

I had my check up last week and my nurse called me this morning to tell me there were abnormal cells and that I had HPV. I've only had one partner in 12 yrs. She also told me it could have been lying doorment for over 20 yrs. or more. So I hope that answers some questions on how long ago you could have gotten it and had never known it.

Obviously, having a hysterectomy does NOT mean that the virus is gone. Please have yearly check ups. It's so important. Don't let anyone tell you different.
May God bless each of you with a clean bill of health every year you go.

Ps. If your doctor tells you that you don't need to be checked out every year... Please find a new doctor.

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