How early can HPV be detected and how long does it take to clear

Does anyone know how soon HPV sympton will appear after infection? If both husband and wife have HPV and keep have sex, will this worsen HPV healing?

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It is recommended that couples use condoms until the woman is testing negative for HPV. This reduces the viral load. That's what my doctor told me.

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Thanks. Do you know the negative reading will keep forever after infection is cleared? Suppose if a person is infected with HPV 16/18 and she is cleared a year later, how likely will she get HPV 16/18 infection again?

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The jury is still out on that. It may just lie dormant in some people while others might be able to get rid of it. My doctor says they really don't know enough about HPV to say one way or another. If it's of any consolation, they have therapeutic vaccines in preclinical and clinical stages to eliminate HPV from the body. Right now the focus of these experimental products is on 16 and 18. I hope they add additional strains to these vaccines or that there is cross-protection. I was testing positive for Strain 52 then became negative. I plan to chronicle my HPV status for the rest of my life and share it with people or any scientists doing studies to help answer this question.

They said reactivation of HPV is possible if dormant in a recent study. They suspect it could be due to a remainder of some cells that have not replicated but later on replicate and trigger a new infection. As such, it's good to keep up with the supplements to remain clear. They said that the study though is not conclusive and more research is needed to answer this question.

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