high grade abnormal pap

I am the one that is terrier of my colposcopy on the 20th.
My husband just told me he thinks the Dr office said high grade ....does that mean its something very bad??? I have extreme anxiety disorder and am now getting physically sick cause of this!!!!!!

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Please contact your Gp or colposcopy clinic and ask them to explain the procedure to you. Being informed may help you to be more relaxed during the procedure and also get them to explain the different grades of dysplasia to you and what the likely treatment if any you will be having. its normal to be anxious at this time and perhaps your doctor could prescribe some relaxing medication for you?

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So sorry your having such a bad time but I know how you feel when I got my pap results! Then I found out I had CIN 3 (high grade dysplasia) I was soooo scared but honestly when I had to have my colposcopy done at my Dr. office it really wasn't much different then having a regular pap test except the Dr. can see any dysplasia up close ,with me he saw three different areas where I had it, he took a normal biopsy (like with a pap) and then I played the waiting game until I found out I had CIN3, the whole test didn't take but a few minutes I was surprised when he said all done. You may have some cramping afterwards if you usually do after a pap then I'd say you might after the colposcopy. You will be fine and there is alot of support on here I have have good days and bad ones but there are sooo many nice people on here that can ease your mind. You will find you are stronger then you think you are !! God Bless

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Sorry to hear. I just found out from my doctor yesterday that my pap came back high grade too. Luckily I was able to get in for my colposcopy for tomorrow. I have read up on it and it seems like it will be a lot like a pap. Trying not to worry too much. I read that it can take years to progress into cancer cells and that there is prevention treatment available. You are not alone.

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Sorry to hear about your pap results - I just found out I have a high grade abnormality, too - unfortunately I couldn't get in for a colposcopy until March 23, so I'm playing the waiting game. I've had two colpscopies prior to this, and it is like a long pap smear. It starts off like one, and your doctor will examine your cervix with a lighted scope. They will then apply an acetic acid wash to your cervix (this part is painless), and any abnormal areas will turn white. Your doctor will then biopsy those areas. The biopsies feel like pinches (if she does an ECC which goes into the cervical canal, that will feel more like a cramp). You might be a bit crampy for a few hours afterwards. I would take some ibuprofen a couple hours before the procedure. It does help some.

Hang in there - high grade is rarely cancer, and it's something that's easily treatable. I'm having my good and bad days, too, but thank god I have friends and people here to lean on. You will get through this - it just makes us stronger.

Feel free to message me whenever - I'm happy to listen.

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thanks hopeful, i messaged you with a friend request (would not let me message you any other way)......i am just thinking since when i got my pap my doctor said "i dont see any reason why your pap shouldnt come back normal" that maybe its not as bad as i am imagining cause if it was already cancer i would think maybe she wouldnt been able to say that with my pap?? some people are telling me it could also just been a inflammation or infection in my cervix from something and have nothing to do with cancer at all......but would inflammation or an infection come back as high grade???

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Hi Spoiledone,

Can you send me your message again? When I accepted your friend request it disappeared for some reason. This is just based on what I've read (and my own experience), but usually a high grade pap smear indicates moderate to severe cervical dysplasia. Because pap smears are screening and not diagnostic tools, they have to confirm this with a colposcopy and biopsy. Keep in mind dysplasia is NOT cancer - but it does have the potential to turn into cancer. Since doctors don't have a way of knowing which will turn into cancer and which won't, they usually treat all moderate to severe dysplasia. The good news is, it is very easily treatable. And it takes years for it to turn into cervical cancer (if it does at all).

I have never heard of an inflammation or infection turning up on a pap smear as high grade, but I'm also not a physician. These usually turn up as ASCUS or something more non-specific. Did you have an HPV test with your pap smear?

I know it's very difficult not to worry, but I hope this puts your mind at ease somewhat. Regardless the colposcopy will tell you what's going on for sure and your doctor can recommend next steps to you. It will be ok. Hang in there.

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she didnt say anything about doint a HPV test when i had my pap so i am guessing maybe she didnt do one??? the real worry for me is i have absolutely no tolerance for any type of pain what so ever and the pain thing is what is worrying me (me having the EXTREME anxiety disorder is not helping either) i do know that my pap for me wasnt painful at all, i had no cramping or even spotting afterwards so maybe that means my cervix isnt that sensitive as alot of others???

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It depends on your doctor - I would ask to see if they ran an HPV test for you. There are different opinions when it comes to doing that and how useful the result is. Some just go on the assumption you do have HPV just off the fact that your pap came back high grade, and others run the test anyways.

I'm guessing since you tolerate pap smears well, the colposcopy should only be slightly more uncomfortable or painful. Everyone seems to have different experiences with it, though. You should call the doctor or nurse beforehand since you're concerned. They may have ways to help minimize the pain. It may also help to bring your husband or a friend along when you go - the support can really be helpful.

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