Hey bklyn077!!!

How'd it go today ???

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Hi, Neenie sorry for the late response I just signed on. Today I got to my doc appt and my doc told me the lab called him, they didn't have enough sample to complete test, so I had to do another colposcopy AGAIN today. I was so mad at my doc, but I had to do it. He just kept apologizing while he rub that damn bristle shit on my cervix, I hate that damn uncomfortable feeling, even it was over in like 5 mins he only did 2 more samples. So here I go again on December 24th, I go back. Thanks for asking I appreciate it.

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Hey bklyn077.. Very tired and raw everywhere. Trying to get my rafiation burns under control. My daughter keeps my spirits up but this is really taking its toll.. I sleep a lot. Doing 2 kinds of radiation and cysplatin is hell for me. My hips hurt and I can't get comfortable it feel like no matter what I do.. Going to the bathroom is honestly the worst right now. It burns so much.. And number 2 is also really painful. I have only one more cysplatin treatment and internal rad left and I'm really glad... I feel like its a lot. I feel like a whiner.. Sorry. But that's how I'm doing.. How are you?

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Sorry you had to go through that again.


Ask your doctor for Pyridium, it helps with the burning, you will pee orange, but helps the burn. Make sure your radilogist oncologist knows about the burns, ask what they can perscribe or what they recommend.
Talk to your doctors, they have been through this with many women, they know what should work.

If you make your posts for members not public you will bet more responses.

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Thank you, glads that's over. After all the testing my doc finally said that the pap is normal. I go back in July for next pap hope to have another normal 1, as well as clear this nasty ass virus that have invaded my body.


I'm so sorry that you are going through such a difficult time, please just hang in there I hope and pray things will get better soon for you. Glad that your daughter is your rock. God bless you and her. I'm good thanks, keep me posted on your well being, tons and tons of hugs.

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