i was diagnosed with cin3 about 6 months ago i waited 5 months to have lazer treatment i have been waiting 6 weeks now and still havnt had any results back as of yet! does anyone no how long the initial wait is? i have had some complications after lazer i ended up with a bad infection and now my periods are very irregular and very heavy. any one had this or can give me any information on this

thank you nicci

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was this a laser cone or laser ablation? with laser ablation there is no specimen to get results back from. did you have a followup after your surgery to check your healing? i actually had a laser ablation done on january 3rd for high grade dysplasia. didnt have any bleeding, other than my period that started 4 days later which was a little heavier than normal. some discharge from the procedure itself. hope everything gets better for you!

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I don't no which one i had I just got told they removed part of my cervix! I was just wondering if I get any sort of results or do I just wait to have another colposcopy in 6 months? Yeh I never lost any blood till 3 weeks after the procedure but then it all went wrong :( hopefully it will sort itself out soon then!
Thanx for messaging back

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And no havnt had any follow up appointment as of yet

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Well if they removed part of your cervix i'm assuming it was the cone. Did you call to try and get the results? I had my followup yesterday

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No not yet was gonna leave it a couple of weeks and find out if I needed a check up! Hope ur check up was ok and ur results r normal :)

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