Exercise after a LEEP

So I just had a LEEP one week ago. When can I start exercising again?

I had a good exericise routine down and I lost 30 lbs. in the process. I'm scared to gain weight again since I tend to put on weight fast. This is something very important to me since I worked so hard for it. It's already stressing enough going through this whole LEEP procedure, so gaining weight will only make it worse for me. I could tell I've already gained 5 lbs :( Please share your experiences and insights. Thanks.

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dear chica

i also had leep over a week ago, doctor told me not to do any strenous exercise not even fast walking for at least 3 weeks.

If after 3 weeks you are still bleeding i would leave it for a few more days

take care

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hi chica! sorry to hear you had to have a leep, and i hope you're healing well. and congrats on losing 30 pounds and gettng yourself on an exercise routine! i would suggest you ask your doctor about how long to wait til exercising again as he/she would know best how extensive your leep was. it's usually recommended that you wait for a couple of weeks, and certainly til any bleeding you may have had afterwards is gone. you can't see it, but your cervix is 'sore' and needs to heal. hopefully you'll be feeling back to normal and able to exercise soon, and you'll be back on track with keeping yourself healthy!

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Thanks for the advice guys. It makes me feel so much better that I'm not the only one going through this right now. I felt like the only one when I was getting the procedure done............

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Chica - you're clearly not worrying enough or you would have lost a ton of weight due to the stress of the procedure! :) Congratulations on losing the 30 pounds, and I hope you can get back into your exercise routine soon. Like everyone said, your doctor should know best, because the doctor knows how much tissue was removed and how long to heal.

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