Does thyroid have anything to do with cervix?

I have some basic understanding of how the thyroid works, and I've tried doing searches to understand more, but I'm trying to understand if nodules (small lumps) in the thyroid are ever related to cervical cancers. I had atypical glandular cells on my pap, but my biopsy did not produce any atypical glandular cells. My concern is that they came from somewhere originally, so I'm thinking it means we just haven't found the source. I've also had multiple nodules in my thyroid that I've had ultrasounds of several times. I think the thyroid may be related to the lymph system?? Anyhow, I found articles that talk about thyroid cancer involving cervical lymph nodes (which, if I understand my research, the atypical glandular cells could be from lymph nodes b/c lymph nodes are glandular in type. Is this correct?).
Has anyone had thyroid cancer that moved to their cervix (or endometrium or endocervix) or adenocarcinoma of cervix that has produced growths in the thyroid?

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Maybe in the discusions of thyroid growths, the term "cervical" is describing something else in relation to the throat? Any input is appreciated!

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i think in your article about thyroid cancer that the cervical lymph nodes they're referring to are those in the neck....think of the term cervical as in cervical collar....not related to the woman's cervix.

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Yeah, I agree. I think they are discussing cervical spine (neck) lymph nodes. As a person with a family full of thyroid cancer, I get checked all the time and would venture a guess to say they are referring to cervical spine, as I have had numerous scans of mine done to make sure I don't get cancer there as well, considering HPV and the oral/throat connection.

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The normal progression through cervical cancer with pelvic lymph node involvement would be pelvic lymph nodes, abdominal lymph nodes, then the ones in the neck. If you don't have cervical cancer with lymph node involvement I doubt there is a correlation.

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