Damage to my cervix from a biopsy

I knew before I went in for my yearly visit that I had HPV, at one point in my relationship, I had split up with my now husband. During that time I had a drunken night and made a bigger mistake than I had imagined. Well this person who I contacted HPV from ended up at our wedding. I never spoke about that night, but my new husband's sister took a liking to this guy, she ended up leaving her husband for him. I still never told her about the drunken night. Needless to say, she kept up with her yearly visits and immediatley found out about her HPV, when she told me I knew I had it too. My problem was that it had been almost 4 years since I had gone in for a check-up. I told them all about my situation, that I knew I had it. I was right. They sent me for a biopsy, and then told me I needed to have further treatments done. After the biopsy I did not go through with the other treatments, I just recently got my nerve back up and went in for another check up. My nurse practioner who was checking me out could not even take a proper sample of my cells because the damage from the biopsy on my cervix was so bad she could not even get into my cervix like she should have. She openly told me how badly it was, that she did not believe she had enough cells to check on how things are coming along. I am scared about many things at this point, will the damage this Dr did to my cervix from my biopsy not allow me to get pregnant normally, can they remove the damage he did and make my cervix normal again, will my cervix be able to dialate normally if I do somehow be lucky enough to get pregnant normally. I am waiting on results, but my mind is far from being at rest, not when my nurse openly asked me what was wrong on my cervix, when I told her about the biopsy she looked more concerned than anything. My mind wasn't fully aware of everything might be going wrong. Has anybody else been through something close to this, I need to find some explainations before I drive myself crazy with worry about having babies or even getting rid of my HPV. I am not sure what I am more concerned with at this point. The damage is already done, now where do I go from here?

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