Cone Biopsy & Post-Op Infection

Hi All,
Just wondering if anyone has had an infection after the cone biopsy surgery. I had my cone done on June 4th and went in for a post-op check up on June 8th, well my gyn just called me yesterday and said that I have an infection. She said that it is really common. I was put on an antibiotic immediately after the cone (I guess it didn't help though). She has put me on another antibiotic that she feels will clear this up. My biopsy confirmed that I have adenocarcinoma in situ and I have been told that I need to have a hysterectomy (however it can't be done till I heal from the cone procedure). It is un-nerving to know that I have an infection up there too and will that delay my treatment. Has anyone else had an infection after their procedure? Is this common? If so, did it clear up fairly easily?

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yes, I have twice so I think is very common.I gonna have my hsyterectomy this coming 29th of June and I'm worried about infection again.I hope everything come clean this time.

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I had a cone on the 26th April and had a fever for 3 days due to an infection. i also had antibiartics but It cleared up first round.
Im due to have a hysterectomy as well but I don't have a date yet. My Dr. wants to leave my ovaries intact.
good luck to you!
hope all goes well.

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Thank you. Good Luck to you too.

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