cold knife cone scared!

I am SOOO glad I ran into this website..this is what I needed! Although I have the never ending support of family, boyfriend and friends I feel safe coming in here and reading everyones experiences...
I just had my follow up pap a bit ago after a LEEP done in January since I was diagnosed with CIN II. It returned abnormal again, I was so upset...
I had a colpo this past monday and results came had gotten worse, now I have CIN III.
I NEVER in my wildest dreams thought I could ever have this but it has finally set it.
My doctor immediately said she wanted me to have a cold knife cone I began my own research and found the Naturopathic way. I made an appointment with a doctor here in town for Thursday. I am hopeful since I have read several success stories. I still want to be a ble to have kids and I am sooooo scared that if I have that cold knife cone biopsy, those chances already thin even more...
I have never been so scared...and just depressed.... not only this happened but I also have ACL knee repair surgery on the 24th AND I need to have dental work done.... everything just all at once... :( (and no insurance since I work for a non-profit)

I want to really thank everyone for sharing their stories of courage, this is NOT easy and I admire every single one of you ladies

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Hi Valeri,

My story is very similar to yours I had a LEEP and then went back for my follow up Pap and still had bad cells. My ob/gyn then sent me to an oncologist. Which was the best thing she could have done he turned out to be amazing. He ended up doing a cold knife conization and it wasn't too bad I only had to take one day off from work and didn't even need the pain pills. I was also concerned about having children and he told me that I would be able to and that he had patients who had 3 cones and ended having 2-3 children. He said that the cone was better than the LEEP because they can actually cut out the cells and the LEEP burns them hence leaving some bad cells behind which he thinks happened to me. The cone was successful I had clear margins and have to go back every 3 months for paps. Hang in there.


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I had a couple of leeps and most recently a cold knife conization and biopsy. I recommend that you get a blood test for folate, but not just the serum. Get the lab that tests the folate in your tissue. If you are low on folic acid (which alot of women are) you may have future paps that have bad cells. If you can get adequate folate in the tissues, then chances are better for less dysplasia and lower risk of colon cancer (an added benefit). Birth control pills and some medications reduce folate in the tissues without symptoms. so take a good grade of multiple vitamin, an additional high b-complex supplement and a liquid folic acid supplement. It takes at least 1 or 2 mg to get it up in our tissue and some drs recommend 5mg. (most drs don't even think about supplements) Of course, leafy green veggies help, but cooking them reduces folate levels. No smoking and exercise. It is worth doing all that I mentioned to reduce the chances of a hysterectomy or cervical cancer. Rather than get it cut out, focus on prevention. I wish I had done more research before now, but there wasn't as much out there.

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Hi, I understand your fears as I have been going through them as well. I did end up doing the cone because being here for my son is far more important than my fertility. If I did not have my son, I'm not sure if I would've done it. Probably, but not sure. Anyways, if you do decide to go the route of the Conization, please go to my page, I have reported in detail my whole experience with it. I had the cold knife cone on 03-22 and I've updated from the night of the procedure all the way till yesterday, almost every day to give others a clear view of the experience. I did so much research before the procedure looking for peace of mind, but it wasn't until I found this site and talked to women who had gone through it that I was able to face it with confidence.
I wish u the best of luck!

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