cold knife cone biopsy experience

I had my cold knife surgery last Friday. Since I've found a lot of useful information from this website, I figured it might be helpful to share my experience as well so those who may need to go through similar pricess might benefit from it.

Overall, it was not bad. On the day of surgery, I first reported to the short stay unit in the hospital, where they took administrative information. After a short wait, a nurse took me into a separate unit where they gave me IV while waiting for the surgeon and anesthesiologist to come.

After another hour or so, I was transported into the operation room, where they added anesthesia into my IV and I felt into sleep right away. When I was waken up, it was about an hour after the surgery. I felt painful so the nurse gave me one more dose of motrin. According to her, they gave me a total of three doses of motrin. After that, the pain was bearable and I stayed for another two hours or so before went back home.

After the surgery, I have light bleeding, not as much as in a normal period. Also, it hurted for the first couple of days; however, with the prscribed medicine, it was mangaeable. It still hurts now but more like a cramp. The only thing I was a little concerned about is that I have vaginal discharge, not a lot, but it smells. If it does not get better in a day or two, I'll probably need to call the doctor.

That's all. Hope it helps. The next step is for the result to come out. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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Thanks for posting this! I'm sure it'll be helpful to other women who are preparing for the procedure. Glad to hear your pain has been manageable too. Not sure about the discharge-- I did have some, but there was no odd smell to it. If I recall correctly, they recommend calling about that in case there's an infection.

Your experience sounds similar to mine-- I woke up with quite a bit of pain, but I told a nurse and they eased that right away with more medicine. After the first day, I got by just fine with Tylenol, and after a day or two with that I didn't need anything. I had light bleeding for longer than expected, probably 3-4 weeks.

Please keep us posted on your results and how you're feeling! : )

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Thanks, Indogo. I don't have too much pain, just slightly odd smell. I'll see how it goes tomorrow before calling the doc.

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Hi Lynn09 and indigo9

Thank you both so much for your input. I am scheduled to have my cone biopsy in 4 days and to tell you the truth, I am so scared.

I have read all these things previously that have not helped my anxiety and I am so grateful for you to have shared your experiences.

Having not even been admitted to a hospital before, I didn't even know how they administered the anaesthetic. I am a little apprehensive about the pain killers they may give me as I am allergic to many drugs.

I hope you get a good result with your biopsy.....I will be thinking of you and look forward to reading the good news from you.

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dear lynn09 ,

I am glad all went well with your cold knife cone biopsy. I just wanted to let you know that i had the same procedure last year and having discharge with some odor is normal. You will have discharge for a while. Mine lasted long about 3-4 weeks. Mostly were the medicine he had put in there. Do not panick and let your body to heal.

I hope you get a clear margins unfortunately i did not and i decided to get a hysterectomy 6 months later post my cone biopsy which was on July 2008.

Best of luck to you and you and keep us posted.

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I agree with Taylor, I thought the odd odor was from the stuff they put in to slow the bleeding. It's a weird, brown paste-looking stuff and it does smell kind of funky.

I also didn't have too much trouble with the cone, mild cramping but very little bleeding.

Let us know when you get your results...sending out good thoughts!

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Thank you for sharing your story. I have a cold knife cone biopsy scheduled for this Tuesday, the 24th. I've already had a LEEP but that was done in the office. This is done in the hospital and I'm very apprehensive about it.

Question though, were you asleep before they put your legs in stirrups? I know, odd question, but all kinds of images are flashing in my head so I want to be prepared :)

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Hi princesstrish

Please try not to worry. I had my cone biopsy nearly 3 weeks ago and the worst part for me was the anticipation of the whole thing. I worried for weeks. My main concern was the anesthetic.

Upon admittance to hospital, about 2 hours later they wheeled me up the corridor into a small room before going into the operating theatre. I was extremely nervous and didn't want any pre-op medication to relax me, as I thought the least amount of things in my body, the better it would be for me.

I can remember them putting the needle in my hand, and a minute or two later (as it seemed) they put the oxygen mask on me and told me to breathe deeply. After the second breath, I woke up an hour and a half later and it was all over, and I was resting very comfortably in my bed....didn't see the stirrups or the operating room etc. The anesthetist was still there and told me next time to have the pre-op medication as because of my nervous state, it could compromise things(?)

They wheeled me back to my room and checked my blood pressure hourly and asked me if I was in any pain, to which I replied no. I asked them if they had given me pain killers, and they hadn't. They kept me in for another 4 hours, asking all the time if I had any pain, and not to be a martyr....but I still had no pain, so I was sent home.

Probably about another 3 hours later, the pain started. Took Panadeine Extra, but because of my allergies, had a reaction to these, so I managed the next 2 1/2 days without any pain killers. It was bearable, although I didn't get a lot of sleep, but the worst was over.

I hope this helps you a little. Of course it is normal to feel apprehension, but at the end of the day, we're not helping ourselves by being so uptight. Maybe try closing your eyes and practice a little deep breathing over the next few days.....I wished I had thought of this for myself.

Thinking of you and sending big hugs your way.

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jennyjenny, Thank you so much! I will try the deep breathing for the next couple of days. I am definitely wound up about this!!!!


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Cold Knife Cone wasn't nearly as bad as I expected...I had little pain from the procedure, and mild discharge.
I was very afraid of it, but really didn't need to be.

What WAS *awful* *awful* *awful* was constipation as a result of the General Anesthesia!

Nobody warned me (and they should have!) that medication given to induce anesthesia slows down the bowel. On top of that, they gave me pain pills (oxcodone), which being an opiate-related drug cause constipation, and then I had vomiting (because nothing was going anywhere, if you follow), and the drug for that--Zofran, ALSO causes constipation!

I won't go into details. But in my experience once you leave the recovery room nobody cares what happens to you--they're just glad you didn't die (kidding, sort of), and you are on your own.

So trust me, ask for a mild laxative after a cold-knife'll be glad you did!

Straining after surgery is uncomfortable at best and very dangerous at worst...

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Well everyone, I am happy to hear all went well for you guys... I just mad emy appointment today for a cold knofe cone on 12/14, so now I went from the fear of which doctor and treatment to get too fear of this... At this point I just hope that when all is said and done my margin s are clear and my cervix is strong to bear future children.... Your posts relaxed me a bit for the meantime, all I ever hear are horror stories... Thanx... : )

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