Clear Margins?

So I had a LEEP done last Friday Jan 4th - I hadn't heard from them so I called today, and they said that everything came back fine, that my margins are clear, what does this mean?? Can someone please advise..thanks so much, I have been so worried!!

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The LEEP was successful. I won't attempt to explain in case I get something wrong, but I do know, that it is good news. :)

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It means there weren't any abnormal cells that extended beyond the margin of the removed tissue. That's good news! Now you just need to prevent it from coming back.

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Wow you're doctor works fast! I had mine done January 10th and they told me they would post the results online in 3-4 weeks. I agree with what was said before. It seems like they removed all the bad cells and now you'll just have to be monitored for reoccurence.

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Clear margins means the abnormal cells are gone in all spots surveyed.
You can still have the HPV virus, so take care of your health.

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