Chemo Port Placement

Hi All,
Does anyone have any input on port placement? Arm or chest? Are there pros/cons for placement location?
Mine is scheduled for placement on the arm, but it seems that most others have it on the chest????

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Hi Jane, I can't really help you there. They put mine in the top of my hand each week. Did you ask them why the arm, instead of the chest? When I was doing my chemo it seemed most people with ports did have them in the chest. I'll email you later to see how you are doing. Amy

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Hi Bookbabe20--

First, let me wish you the very best with your upcoming chemo treatments. When are you to start?

I had a port put in my chest on July 21st. Since I had to wear a chemo pump, I was glad I had it in my chest. If it had been on my arm, it would have gotten in the way of everything, not to say that it still wasn't a major inconvenience. It made it hard to sleep at night, go to the bathroom, etc. I had the pump for 4 days, 2 rounds, and both times, could not wait to get rid of the thing. I kept my port until December 8th. It made blood draws so simple and relatively painless. I wasn't sure the first time they stuck that needle in my chest what it would feel like, but it really wasn't painful at all. Plus, I was given Lidocaine/Prilocaine cream to apply to the site of the port about an hour before blood draws, and you barely feel anything at all after using that stuff. I would definitely ask for some if you can get it.

Getting the port put in was not too bad--I was out for the procedure. It was painful for the first few days, but after that, not bad at all. For the first 2 weeks, you are not supposed to get it wet, so had to cover it with plastic wrap when showering. They may also restrict your lifting and exercise for a couple of weeks after it's put in. Getting it out was much easier--under "twilight" anesthesia, and afterwards, only had to take Tylenol a couple of times for discomfort. My incision is healing nicely, although I still have quite a bump where the port used to be. With time, this swelling should go down.

Again, good luck with your treatment. I hope this information helps, although, your doctor may have the final say as to where you have the port.


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I have only ever seen them in the chest.

I was asked if I wanted one for this round and I said no. I don't know....I just don't want it.

I've had twilight anesthesia before and it did not knock me out at I'd go for a general if they will give you that! :)

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Thank you for the input all. Have a great Sunday all- Go Chargers!!! :)

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I had no idea a port was an option until my third round of chemo. Had I known I would jumped all over it. I think the part I dreaded about it the most was the nurses not being able to find a vein. With the constant blood work and everything else a port would have been welcome. If I were you I would choose your chest. Seems to me anything else would get in the way. Good luck to you.

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