Cervical Cancer that has spread to the lymph nodes

Hi all
I am new and not sure if I am posting this correctly as I am a first time user. My Mother has cervical cancer that has been left untreated for years. I am a train wreck. We just found out that it is in the lymph nodes. Is this curable?? Can it be removed from the lymph nodes with out removing the lymph nodes. They said the stage is 2B of the tumor but now is in the lymph nodes. He said it is aggressive. I am looking for any knowledge anyone can share with me. I am available by phone email and here.
Thanks in advance.

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Hi Sue:

I do not knwo enough about cervical cancer but I knwo some of the treatment is very similar to anal cancer and they are both HPV mediated.

I had distant lymph mets and was Stage IV. I am 25 months post treatment and NED (no evidance of disease).

I had IMRT Radiation and Cisplatin and 5FU. I was treated at MD Anderson who did a radiation plan using much of what of what is done with lymph mets in cervical patients.

I will tell you two very important prognostic factors are the following:

Getting to the best possible treatment center even if it means traveling and moving during her treatment
(I am not sure where she is going but a local hospital is not the best option. Way too much to type on this subject. )

Her tumor histology. Do you know if her cells show:
midly dysplastic, moderately dysplastic or highly dysplastic? This is important to know as it will tell you how severe the cellular changes how aggressive.

Again, I know next to nothing about cervical cancer but the above is what I know about prognosis with anal cancer expecially more advanced stages.

I hope this helps you and I hope your mother makes a complete recovery.


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Thank you very much for taking the time to reply.
Thank you for the advice I really appreciate it. I will look into hte history of the cells. Is there a good way to find that out?

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Hi Sue:

Get copies of all of her records. The best way to make sure she gets the best possibel treatment is to become an expert on the cancer, treatment options, NCNN Guidelines based on stage, where best treatment centers are etc. You can find a ton of information on the internet.

The tumor lab report should have the above information in it.


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There seems to be so many Doctors involved. Do I just call her main Doc and say I want reports?
Thank you again for everyones kindness in replying to me as I am new to posting and new to cancer.
I am still in a state of shock.

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I'm really sorry for your mom.

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Does anyone know if it is even possible to remove cancer once in the lymph nodes?
If I am possibly posting this in the wrong section because I am new can you please redirect me or move my post to be seen better.
Thanks so much.
I am very appreciative of every reply.

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the american cancer society's website has a detail of what is recommended for treatment by stage. you may want to check that out!

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I had stage 1B2 which spread to two lower lymph nodes. Surgery was not an option for me as the tumor was too large. I had 30 external radiation, 4 internal radiation and 5 weeks of cisplatin chemo. My first follow-up appointment in April indicated that I am disease free. I had radiation boosts to the diseased lymph nodes. I have my 6 month check up at the end of June. What lymph nodes were affected in your mothers case?
Hugs to you both...

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Hi Sue,

I am so sorry to hear about your Mom. It is understandable that you are feeling like a "train wreck."
I don't know where you are, but you mostlikely (unless you are her (E)PoA), won't be able to access her med records. She would have to request them herself, and even then it can be a fight.

If it is in her lymphnodes, she may not be a 2B. You didn't say which lymph nodes, whether they are in the groin, abdomen, neck etc. The further away the disease is from the original site (metastasis), the more difficult it is to treat. I would go with your mom to the Gyne oncologist appointment and get some answers. They can definitely whack it with treatment, but honestly, it depends how aggressive the tumor is, how well she responds to treatment, and how far gone it is.

Do you know if this is a squamous cell or an adenocardinoma?

Do research, but watch what you pull off the web. Some of the info out there is less than accurate, and some of it will just scare the beejaybers out of you. You need to be informed, not terrified.

Your local cancer board/center will have a website with staging and treatment information, so I suggest you start there as it will be the most accurate. You are definitely in the right place here, please keep coming back. It is an excellent resource and support system.

Take care and let us know how things go.

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I was a stage 2B and my cancer was arrested, thanks to my wonderful and knowledgeable oncology staff. I went through 5 weeks of cisplatin and a clinical trial called "tirapazamine"....radiation and 2 looooooooooooong internal cessium implants where I remained in the hospital FOR 50+ hours each time FLAT on my back! GRRRRR!
My cells were staged as "poorly differentiated", which mean't they looked the least like a normal cell and they were considered unpredictable...not good, but I overcome it!

I am diligent about my follow up appointments and so far~~~~~~ so good......


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Thanks so much for your reply. They said it is the lymph nodes in the abdomen and pelvic area. They said all along that it was 2b even before tests has been done. DO you think the biopsy will show more of a true stage? They did a biopsy and spoke to us right away same day but I thought that would have to be sent out and then confirm the stage.
I appreciate every bit of input that id given.

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What kind of cc does she have? The paraortic nodes (located in the abdoman) are the ones the drs seem most concered about. To my knowledge I had no node involvement or atleast my sans showed no node enlargement . If it has left the pelvic region and traveled to her abdominal nodes then she would be later stage than 2b. CC is curable......keep the faith!

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Guess what they just called from the Doctors office and told me the Grade was HIGH. Can anyone shed any more light on this????
at his point they say it started as cervical cancer went into the uterus and is a stage 2B and that it is in the lymph nodes of the abdomen and the pelvic area.
Anymore questions you guys think I should ask or know?
I am looking for the Truth and I asked the Doc today if this is serious and he said "It is what it is" How would you take that?
They wont seem to answer if it could be fatal.
Thanks everyone

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I as well had some spread to my uterus, however I had NO abdomenal nodes involved. It is undertaned by me that any cancerous activity OUTSIDE of the pelvis region is a later staged cancer..or should be. NO....CC is NOT always fatal but it IS difficult to treat if it has progressed beyond the pelvis. I would advise seeking the advice and care of a TOP NOTCH and reputable gyn-oncologist to assist you with your mother's treatment plan. They are TRULY the experts in female cancers and are extremely knowledgeable as to the RECENT treatments available. I would also seek out a cancer treatment facility that offers clinical trials....clinical trails have saved many a lives...so far it has mine.

God Bless and keep the faith!

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I was diagnosed with cc stage 1b2 or 2a depending on which doctor you asked. They staged that based on pelvic exam, ct and pet scans. But it's advanced to 3b when pelvic lymph nodes are involved as mine were. The survival rate for a healthy person is about 30%. But I really think that data is old and based on possibly people who can't get medical care, etc.... Anways, that was Feb 2008 I went through treatment (radiation and chemo) and then in Nov 2008 after they had been telling me things looked good... I had a ct scan done that showed my abdominal lymph nodes were also cancerous. So more radiation and chemo.

Now I am waiting to see what's next for me!

Technically since it's in the abdomen you're now looking at stage 4. 5 year survival rates are small.

BUT, technology and medicine advance every day.

I don't think my docs thought I'd be doing as well as I am today.

So...to answer a question---no surgery won't be able to take out the cancer. It's too far advanced and too risky. I searched and searched for a surgeon to take out my abdominal lymph nodes. Way too dangerous and there is no benefit. Best bet is to do chemo and radiation.

Are they going to do Cisplatin for chemo or something else along with it. Read up on that. The side effects, etc.

What type of radiation are they going to use? I did IMRT tomo with internal the first time.

The chemo/radiation combo really knocks you on your butt. How old is your mom?

Clinical trials may be hard to find for this advanced stage...from my experience I couldn't find them...

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Thank you so much for your detailed reply. I am grasping for answers everywhere I can. Your reply really shed light on some things. Would you be able to elaborate or share with me what she may have to deal with in the way of side effects from the chemo and radiation? Do you happen to have email or interested in contacting me by phone?
Thanks so much

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I sent you a friend request...then I'll send you my email. :)

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Yes, GO TO MD ANDERSON and ask for Dr. Patricia Eifel or Dr. Jhringran (don't remember the spelling). They are radiation oncologists who work in a team with ob oncologists (Dr. Pedro Ramirez and others). I received care there last summer (stage 2b, spread to lymph nodes) after a debulking to surgically remove some lymph node tumors. You must go where they are experienced with this disease.

Also, a strong faith will get you through this. This is just as important as good medical care, if not more so. If you don't have a faith, find one that inspires you and brings you peace.

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Where are these Doctors located?
I am in PA. At stage 2b did it spread to your lymph nodes in your abdomen and pelvic area? IF so where they able to remove the nodes and now are you cancer free. I feel so bad they tell me they can not remove the cancer or the lymph nodes but when I talk to others it sounds like they can but with my Mom they are not.

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