Cervical Cancer and Alcohol

My sister is still doing chemo, however, she seems to think drinking beer/wine daily and on several occasions excessively, is okay. She has been through a lot and I want her to enjoy life - just seems I've heard there is a causal connection between alcohol and cervical cancer.
Does anyone have the info on this ???

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I have also heard that just don't know for sure if it is true. I got cervical cancer and I don't drink. Someone I know was doing chemo and continued drinking and lost a drastic amount of weight. Her closest friends tried to stop her from drinking during chemo and radiation. Haven't seen anyone lately to find out how she is. Try to talk her into stopping until she is done and then she can go and celebrate. Good luck to her and you.

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Thank-you for the info and the good wishes~

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I asked if I could have any alcohol during treatment they said if I feel like a drink have one or two and that's it and not every day. I would ask her doctor or chemo nurses.

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It is my opinion, and I'm no doc, that alcohol can affect our overall well-being and immune system, but I do not think it has any "causal" effect on CC. I think smoking is worse.

I'm only a social drinker and I could never be an alcoholic because if I overdo it I suffer with bad hangovers that last for days. I had my rad/hyst for 1B1 squamous cell this past March and I kind of felt guilty having two drinks in November (first alcohol drinks since my diagnosis) when we went to our place in Arizona with friends. It is my opinion that I must have a low immune system that allowed me to get CC and I shouldn't do anything to affect my immune system negatively.

I am trying to get off sugar right now (and alcohol is treated pretty much like sugar in the body) and trying to eat as healthy as possible to build up my immune system. I don't feel sick, in fact I feel very healthy, but I just got an abnormal pap and I need to fight this and try to keep super healthy.

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My gyn/onc told me absolutely no alcohol during treatment and so did my radiologist. I told them there was no problem with that since I don't drink, they both said don't start.

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I don't think it has to do with cervical cancer itself but more with kidneys and liver.. Can't remember exactly what they said (chemo brain) but I do know it was something to do with that!!

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In my case the topic only came up when I had slight burning when urinating at the end of my rads. The doc said to take lots of fluids and avoid alcohol. I didn't - I just took more water to make up for the wine! However, I was not allowed beer or anything else gassy.

I enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine in the evening for most of my treatment (except on chemo days when I spent the night in hospital) and it cheered me up. At the very end, it started to taste funny so I gave up, but I soon got back to normal LOL! At one time the only thing that cured my "wind" was crème de menthe - nice!

In a study of breast cancer patients, it was found that a moderate wine consumption during radiation treatment reduced skin toxicity and I must say that my (very pale) skin stood up pretty well to the radiation, with the redness disappearing rapidly after the end of external rads.

So, maybe a drink or two is OK - certainly if it makes her feel better.

Big Hugs


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I have not heard or read that it has anything to do wth the CC however, what the ladies here have said I take to be pretty true. First it is my understanding that limitting the sugar is important. Not a Doc but it does seem to be the theme. As far as the Chemo and drinking. I would take it as in you are not supposed to drink while on most medications so until you hear from the Doc thats what I would go with. Also this diease SUCKS and she maybe depressed. I know most of the women here have or are facing depression at some point. Try to find ways to brighten her day and give her a reason to feel better in genral that may help more than anything else. I have a great support system and have a lot of distractions but it still hits me sometimes. If I was a drinker I would prob go bottoms up too. Its hard an the depresssion that comes along with this is very real and at times almost impossible to cope with. Not sure any of this is helpful but I hope your sister comes through this with great health and can have as many as she likes.

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