Cervical Canal clear so now what?

Ok so I had a LEEP Jan 4th resukts came back not clear, so does that mean that there are still abnormal cells? My Dr said she did an ECC up in the cervical canal and that was clear, so thats good right? Can anyone shed some infor on a natural dr here in Cali? Iam actually in the bay area, and would love to see if I can get any help, as I have seen many of you beat this dysplasia this way - please let me know I don't wanna stress on this anymore then I have too!

Tina ;-(

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These are useful sites to search for an ND in your area. I found mine via one of these sites. Fortunately, on the West Coast, there are many more to choose from than on the East Coast.



Yes, it means there are still abnormal cells present. I had a similar experience as you- I had a LEEP with unclear margins in April and was told to have a second in June. The second one produced clear margins. But, I still have HPV as of my follow-up pap, so I looked into and started with an ND in October. I hope it's helping. It has helped many others on here!
Good luck to you!

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