Can you get pregnant if only in stage 1 or 2?

My daughter will go to see her GYN tomoroow and be tested for HPV and get a Pap test. her greatest fear is , if it turns out negative/positive, will she still be able to get pregnant after the treatment procedure(s)?

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This is a yes and no answer.
YES~~~ she could possibly still concieve and carry a child IF she is an early stage 1 and she can get a trachlectomy, where only the cervix is removed. This is a big maybe and IF!!
Stage 2 cc the answer would be no. unfortuneately in stage 2 cc the tumor is much larger usually than stage 1 and other tissue and the uterus may be involved. Therefor a radical hysterectomy and /or radiation and chemo would be the treatment plan. Both of which would ruin your hopes of bearing a child.
Some women have their ovaries moved up out of the radiation field in hopes of still being able to produce eggs and maybe someday have a surragate mother carry a child fer her.This is such an iffy subject.....reasoning is that anything later than and including 1B1 the odds are not good of having your own child as the treatments to save your life are the very ones that will destroy your fertility.
Some and I do mean some stage 1b2 cancer can STILL have a trachalectomy in hopes of preserving their fertiity.
Better go now as I am confusing myself now.....LOL!

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one step at a time....if she hasn't had a pap smear, then she doesn't even know if anything is wrong at all, right? if she suspects she has hpv, then that may or may not have any impact on her health....80% of women (and men) have hpv by the time they're 50 years old. most women will clear it without any impact on their health.

and, i read your profile that her boyfriend has hpv which he 'caught' in a trip to mexico.....well, hpv is 'caught' via sexual intimacy. and if the boyfriend knows he has hpv, then it would mean he has genital warts. these are caused by 'low risk' hpv strains. it's the 'high risk' strains that can cause cancer/dysplasia. but, again, if he 'caught' it in mexico, it means he had sex in mexico!

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