Can you get dysplasia or cervical cancer without HPV?

Hello everyone. I have had abnormal pap smears since 2002. I was pregnant that year and delievered the following spring. By then, the Health Dept. would not push the issue. They could not tell my why my test was abnormal, so they told me not to worry. They did re-do my pap and it was abnormal for 2003 too. In 2004, the same result from my pap came back, and again, the Health Dept. said not to worry. In 2005 I did not have one due to my husband being in Iraq. In 2006, under military insurance now, I saw a gyne and had another pap and it came back abnormal too, but they could not tell me why. They told me to be retested the following year. I was also pregnant and I delivered in spring of 2007. When my pap results came back abnormal again in 2007, they also told me I was pregnant again. I had my last son in summer of 2008. While I was pregnant with him though, they did do a col-po (spelling), but they could not give me much information because they could not biopsy me nor risk disturbing my pregnancy. HPV is a common test ran in pregnant women, and I never came back positive. My gyne did confirm there is a large patch of cells on my cervix though, 12 o'clock position, but could not confirm or deny how deep it was or if it was in my utereus.

I now have a son with a rare form of Epilepsy, who is terminal, called Ohtahara Syndrome. The neurologists do not know what caused this, and because most children die as infants, there is not much information on the disease or causes. He requires 24/7 care and all our friends and family have left our side. To say the least, I have not been back to the gyne because I think he caused this condition by not treating my diabetes during pregnancy. Anyway, going to the doctor, let alone having a procedure is really impossible because I have no one to care for my terminal son, let alone all my other kids. We are working with tri-care prime and got my son into the Echo program so he will soon have private duty nurses here to help so my goal is to get my health taken care of now.

Does anyone here know if you can get cervical cancer without HPV? I have heard that dysplasia (spelling) takes quite a few years until it forms into cancer, right? Are the symptoms of cervical cancer obvious or can it readily go undiagnosed because of the lack of symptoms? I know I need to go back to a new gyne, but it is really hard when there is no one that has a heart to help us. I am also curious on what questions I should ask a new gyne and how pushy I should be about my condition. I imagine I will need a new col-po so they can do a biopsy now, right? My previous gyne stated I might use the Leep or cone procedure and I am curious if after all this time is that still a possibility now? If this is cancer by now, then what procedures work best? I do not want to die before my children and especially before my terminally ill son dies; please provide any information you can.

From most of the posts I have read here, there is a link between cervical cancer, dysplasia, and HPV. I have came up negative everytime for the HPV test though. I also do not understand, with the new high tech paps my insurance pays for, how my paps keep coming back abnormal but cannot give me any specific information? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. With kindest regards,


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I'm so sorry to hear about your situation. Your poor little son and having to worry about your health too.

What post are you near? Is there a hospital there? I believe all Army hospitals should have a GYN/Oncologist on staff. Call and make an appointment. Is your primary care at a Military Treatment Facility? If so you can make your own GYN appt. at the hospital. You can also go to Medical Records and request a copy of your Pap Test results. These are very important for you to read and understand. There is a wide range of "abnormal."

Have you contacted Army Community Services? They will sometimes provide childcare while you have a medical appointment. You must register your children with them first.

Sorry I can't answer all your questions - please get a new doctor and get checked out. You should have a doctor who can answer all of your questions - Tricare is very generous and will pay for what you need. Check with Army Community Services and also maybe for assistance.

Best of luck to you!

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All dysplasia does not come from HPV. Sometimes, people have dysplasia without HPV. If everything is stable and mild, the gyne usually follows the patient periodically, and may perform the procedure called LEEP, to remove the dysplasia.
Do not be afraid to talk directly to your doctor. Make an appointment and write down your questions in advance. Then ask each of your questions slowly. If you don't understand the answers, ask your doctor to repeat. The important thing is to have a full explanation and feel satisfied and comfortable with your doctor when you leave the office. Good Luck.

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If the cervical dysplasia is squamous in nature (CIN) or glandular (AIS) then it is caused HPV. HPV is the causitive factor for these two types of cervical dysplasia and cervical cancer.

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as simplynat posted, most cervical dysplasia is caused by hpv. and, most doctors do not run hpv tests, even if you're pregnant. in addition, a leep is not usually done, nor recommended, for mild dysplasia, which usually will clear on its own. that said, camille, it sounds like you may want to take a look at your medical records and see a gynecologist to follow up on your gyn health. let us know how you're doing!

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Hello Inatizzy,

My husband works with a reserve unit, although he is full time AGR. We are not near a post. There is a naval base in Millington, TN., but it is closed and only runs the bare minimum. There is an Army post in Little Rock, and the Chaplain there has came to my house and the children's hospital in Memphis, TN., but there are no other available resources for us. His unit does not even have an active FRG (family readiness group), and even if they did, they already selected me tobe the leader. So I suppose I am supposed to help myself through this, lol.

We managed to get precious Eli on Tricare Primes Echo Program, which does pay for nursing for 12 hours a day 7 days a week for him. I have not accepted this yet because that is about $173,000. a year they will be paying and that does nothing to help with all my other kids. I need someone that would tend to them, not so much Eli since he is bedridden; I figure we can be in the bed together... lol. There is no way my husband can take care of the kids and me as well, let alone get that kind of time off of work. He got stationed here in the spring of 2008, they know of my circumstances, and yet I keep waiting for that time off. My husband has 70 days of leave time built up, but they will not allow him to take more than a couple days off at once. They are finally letting him take some time off during the Christmas Holiday and New Year, but that does me no good because so do the doctors.

I have been tested for HPV many times and have came up negative every time. The doctor said that was unusual because it typically goes hand in hand. He did mention that not only could I get a LEEP, but also something about freezing that spot. I am afraid, that being 2 years later again, what is the progression rate of these cells growing and if it has already turned into cancer.

My pap smear results say abnormal, but they do not know why; there is no specefic reason listed. My PCP is in Memphis, TN and I cannot switch my doctor to a local one because I cannot switch Eli's doctors; the children's hospital and all his specialists are in Memphis. I am trying to get a new local gyne though. Each doctor, along with the insurance company, has their own protocal. Ours says I have to have an abnormal pap smear 2 years in a row. I do not want to wait another 2 years for them to respond. How persistent can I be and what questions should I be asking? Do I have the right to complain to the Army about them neglecting my health care and who would I speak to about that?

This happened to be in Memphis too, and my husband filed a complaint with JAG and those men have now been removed from the Army. I still have not had my health taken care of though. This is a new unit to my husband, and I am not trying to make waves for him, but I will not sit idly by while the government walks all over me either. I thought the Army believed in family first?

Any suggestions would be great! I have no friends or family here to help and I live way out in the country in an old farm house. This is the one time in my life that being isolated like this is really bad, go figure. Thank you for responding.

With kindest regards,


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Can cervical cancer or HPV virus come from something other than sexual contact? Is sexual intercourse the only way you get HPV or CIN

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Hi Skinsfan, while HPV is considered to be sexually transmitted it does not require the act of intercourse. It can be transmitted with skin to skin (genital) contact as the virus can be located inside the vaginal canal, cervix, vulva, anus, etc, and on men it can be on the penis, testicles, anus, etc. Since condoms do not cover this entire area it can still be transmitted even with their use - they definitely help but are considered to be 70% effective when it comes to HPV.

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