Can I drive myself home from my LEEP?

I've got a LEEP on 22 April in the afternoon. My otherhalf doesn't think he can get time of work to take me to and from the appointment. Can anyone who has had this procedure advise if I will be able to drive the 15 minute drive home after the appointment. They are doing it with a LA and nobody has mentioned sedatives to me. What do you think?

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No i won't. Its not a bad procedure but depending on your anxiety level, it can really effect people differently. My husband took me. We live very close as well. I thought i managed it well but was very weak afterwards and i actually got sick as i got off the elevator. I got home, went straight to bed and rested the entire day. He ran out to get the perscriptions they provided me for pain and to avoid infections. So if you can, please find a friend to help you out. Best of luck.

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Also, my doctor put a local before the injections and i had a local. I was awake and its surgery....

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i've driven home from all my procedures/surgeries where the anesthetic is 'local'. as long as you don't have any sedatives or medications that impact your ability to react while driving, you should be ok. that said, you may have cramping, but if you go right home, the local lasts for a little bit afterwards, and it still shouldn't impact your driving ability. ideally, it would be nice to have someone else to drive you, but you can do it yourself if needed.

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You can drive, if no sedation was given. I did. BUT It felt like the longest drive so I could get home an lie down!!! I actually wasn't prepared that I was having a LEEP, just a consult about "dysplasia" ---It would have been nice to know ahead of time! But it was at least 10yrs ago. And it would be nice to have someone there with you.

Anyway-----best of wishes to you. Let us know how it goes!

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Chances are you are getting a local, so you will be temporarily numbed from the mid-abdomen down to your thighs or so. While they will more than likely keep you awake, you hopefully will not be feeling much.

Anyway, I wouldn't suggest driving yourself home and any good medical doctor would not release you anyway without being sure you have transportation home. Some doctor's will refuse to do the surgery, no matter how minor, without making sure you have a ride.

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