Can HPV lead to stomach or intestinal issues?

I found out I had a high risk strain of HPV about a year ago and had cryotherapy. my next pap smear came back normal.
I was on the pill so my boyfriend probably got it too.
He has been having some serious stomach issues which were first diagnosed as IBS. He lost a lot of weight and it seems his body was not absorbing any nutrients.
He has been seeing a lot of doctors and they can't really seem to figure out what the problem is. the most recent doctor he went to said that it's possible the HPV would make his digestion problems worse since it might affect the stomach lining.

Has anyone heard of this before? Is there anywhere where I can find information about this?


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This is a very good topic your bringing up. I have wondered this very same thing because I am having SERIOUS nausea and diarreha with upper right flank pain. For me this all started in Feb 2009, before I was diagnoised with cervical cancer. I went to an Internal medicine doctor who told me this would all go away once I have my radical hysterectomy. She put me on Omeprazole in the morning before eating and immodium and that seemed to work for awhile.

Well, I had the surgery and it APPEARED at first the Internal medicine doctor was correct...

Well then about two months AFTER my radical hysterectomy, the diarreah and nausea and flank pain came back! I complained to my Gyno/onco and he said he wanted me to see a Colorectal MD to have a Colonoscopy. I did and it came back completely normal (thank god). Then the Colorectal MD wanted me to have a HIDA Scan and a gallbladder ultrasound. The ultrasound revealed I have a very mild fatty liver which is typical for someone overweight she said, and that's me. The HIDA Scan revealed I had gallbladder disease (no stones, just sluggish, functioning at 12%) and it needed to come out. She also did cultures on my stools and a liver function test and those came back normal.

So, I had the surgery and the surgeon said that should take care of the nausea but will not correct the diarreah, it will actually make it worse because the gallbladder is a "collection pouch" for bile and it purges it when necessary (fatty meals, etc). Since the pouch is gone, bile will now constantly dribble into the dueodum causing increased diarreah. Well, not to be graphic, but my stools have CHANGED so much from constipation to water since the removal of my gallbladder. Plus my bowel movements cause pain in my upper stomach from my breastbone down to my belly button area??? The nausea can be felt clear around to my back side and sometimes it is REALLY INTENSE...

I have not lost weight and for that I'm grateful, I would really become terrified then! I am however exhausted most of the time because it takes SOOOOOOOO much out of me, the pain and diarreha! The flank pain subsides sometimes and is now alternating between the right and left side. That I truly believe are kidney stones (another story). I am anxiously waiting to see a top notch Urogynecologist in July. I want his imput on all of this. In the meantime, the Surgeon who removed my gallbladder, want's me to consult with a Gastroenterologist for an Endoscopy...

Needless to say, I am sick and tired of all the health problems I have endured for sooooo long now!!!!! It is depressing and truly affects the quality of my life. I am not a quitter and still trying all I can to stay in school even with all I am dealing with. I love school but sometimes I just want to quit because of all that is happening to me, but I won't until I can't take it anymore...

I'm sorry about the book I wrote here but DETAILS are crucial and I hope you can take something from it that will help you and your boyfriend. I'd like to hear his story too, if you don't mind?

Take Care of Yourselve's

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Plus I forgot to add, I don't hardly ever pass gas, but I belch constantly even after drinking water??? I am very bloated from my breastbone down to my belly button too. It's worse after meals, even small ones.

I wanted to give you the details to see if there is any similarities of your own to compare with.

I hope this helps, I'm looking for it too.

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I'm new to this site and am in no way an expert. Your posts interest me, however, because abbyoyo, your boyfriend's stomach pains are very similar to the experiences my now ex-partner had/has, and because rkh, I too experience uncomfortable stomach pain, bloating/water retention, and symptoms similar to IBS.

I was diagnosed with high-risk HPV a year or so ago and have had three LEEPs and many more colposcopies. As I've only had two sex partners in my life, and had consistently normal paps after my first, I'm confident that the virus is something I contracted from my most recent partner. We were together for about four years and have been broken up for three. Toward the middle of our relationship, he cheated- something that he didn't admit until months after the incidents occurred.

I assume that he became a carrier of the virus at some point, and interestingly (probably not the right word to use), he started to experience horrible stomach pains, diarrhea, and bloating soon afterward. In fact, these pains are what prompted him to confess his infidelities, as some of his symptoms led him to believe that he had another sti.

After it was confirmed by his physician that he tested negative for all sti's, he started to get tests for IBS and crone's disease. These turned up negative. When I tested positive for HSIL/CIN-3 about 8 months later, we thought that the two might be linked. His doctor said "no," but I have my suspicions.

Moreover, I can't seem to get rid of what appears to be water weight, or some such permanent bloat, around my lower abdomen. I am a fitness professional and eat a very healthy diet. I'm not on birth control or any other medication, which could account for the weight. It's uncomfortable and painful after meals.

rkh, your pain sounds excruciating! I'm not sure if they're from the cervical cancer or some of the other complications you're experiencing, but they sound similar to what I, but particularly what my ex- experiences. Thanks for both your posts; it's tremendously helpful to talk about this with others.

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Not sure where your BF's doc got that info that HPV can make digestive issues worse but with all the research done for my book I have NEVER come across anything indicating this. You didn't mention his age but Celiac disease may be something to look into.

Colon cancer and anal cancer are completely different cancers and HPV does not cause colon cancer but does cause 99% of anal cancers. Anal cancer arises from squamous cells while colon cancer arises from glandular cells and typically a colonoscopy is not the best exam for detecting HPV lesions as an anoscopy is because it is more focused on the anal canal.

Anyone with CIN should know that they have an increased risk of AIN and anal cancer by approximately 35% so to make sure and be screened in this area as well.

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I have mentioned on this site before that I have Crohns disease and had cervical cancer so would be interesting to know if the 2 are somehow linked? ie HPV leading to digestive disorders? I'm convinced that the drug therapy for Crohns is linked to my cervical diagnosis but hey that's an altogether different story....
I just wanted to add with the digestive disorders that changing your diet will help a lot with those symptoms... I know it sounds like a simple thing - 'oh that won't work' but usually if you are experiencing those type of symptoms then your digestive track is somehow not working properly (ie if more serious things like colon cancer/colon disease etc is ruled out) and adding a lot more fibre can definitely make a difference with the nice added side effective of helping you manage weight gain - I don't mean with supplements (It's definitely not the same thing as fibre from food) but with whole grains, leafy vegetables and salads - lots of greens eaten EVERY day and combining both forms of fibre ie soluble and insoluble.... and cutting out all processed foods and drinks (if your digestive track is irritated then processed foods/drinks will only make matters worse) and I have found that cutting out wheat also helps because it's not the easiest to digest....drink lots of water...
It will take a while for you to notice a difference but it will definitely help as well as add more folate to your diet which is also helpful for HPV management...
PS There are also meds which can help your colon relax when you eat so you don't experience so much pain/bloating etc after eating - so ask your gastro about this (supposed to help manage IBS but it's also for the management of a colon which decides it doesn't want to relax at the right times - some gastros call it 'spastic' colon) - I use one called 'Bentyl' and it can be quite effective...

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