C1N1/HPV confusion

I recently had a positive pap, the clinic called and said I had HPV. I was informed I needed additional testing ie: biopsy and a Colposcopy. My results came back as C1N1. I asked and was informed that I did not have HPV.
I just had a second pap done (3 months after Colpo) and I have been informed that I have HPV and the abnormal cells have not improved. I am very confused as the information. It has been recommended that I have a hysterectomy.
I have had 5 admormal paps since the age of 18, and have had Colposcopy's with all. This is the first time I have issues.
Also, I have been told to take Folic Acid to help cure the HPV. Any input on this.

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CIN I is a low grade abnormality and usually goes away on its own with a healthy immune system. I've never heard of low grade dysplasia being treated at all..especially not with a hysterectomy..usually it is just watched closely. If it becomes high grade CIN2 or 3 then it is sometimes treated with LEEP or cone. I suggest you get a second opinion if you can. Best of luck!

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You do not need a hysterectomy with CIN 1. I can't believe that was even mentioned to you. If you are over the age of 30 most gyno's will wait a year to see if CIN 1 clears within a year timeframe. If it hasn't then they recommend a leep or cone to remove the abnormal cells. in my case I was never told that after a year a leep should be done and my gyno waited 2 yrs watching and at my 2 1/2 year appt is was stage 1a1 cervical cancer. I would definitely try some supplements and suppositories on your own within the year and see if you can clear the HPV and get a clean pap. If you search for natural ways to clear HPV on this site a bunch of posts will come up helping you determine what you can take. Good luck!

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Yikes, a hysterectomy for CIN1? Get another opinion. Maybe a new doctor. With this disease in particular, it is so important to take responsibility for your health. No doctor will be a more informed advocate, because unfortunately most doctors stop getting really educated on this topic after med school. And there are new discoveries every week.

A hysterectomy removes lesions but does not remove the virus. Only your immune system can do that. You will still need Pap smears afterward, and then what might you be removing if you get high grade dysplasia, then cancer with invasive new lesions? Anus, vagina, more? Scary!

You can read my history to see why I am sorry I did a LEEP for low-grade dysplasia (CIN1). No lesions afterward, but the virus was stronger a year later and new lesions formed. Now seeing a naturopath with a degree in nutrition, to make sure I take the best supplements. Folic Acid is not the only supplement that helps the virus retreat. DIM, antioxidants, and green tea are on the list.

Even if you just read one website link, read this one:

Best of luck!

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