Are cervical masses always cancer?

Hello new friends! 3 months ago a vaginal ultrasound due to pelvic pain, showed a large cyst outside of my uterus, nothing else. 3 days ago i returned to the e.r again for pelvic pain and lower back pain and they said the cyst was gone, but found a large mass, not cyst, on my right ovary and a mass the size of an almond on my cervix. No insurance will insure me because i had ovarian torsion back in 2011 and they consider me to have a pre-exsisting condition, i am apealing it but it will be a few more months until i can see an obgyn. i am 30 yrs old, had 4 healthy pregnancies. there is a big history of uterine cancer in my family, my mom, msternal grandmother, 2 aunts and my sister has fibroids. I am scared to death that i can't see a doctor for a few more months and trust me ive tried everything possible to see one. im not so worried about the ovary as i am about my cervix, everything ive read so far about cervical masses point to cervical cancer. any advice/opinions on whats going on with me is greatly appreciated.

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Hi Gotgirlsx4,

Welcome to the forum. I'm pretty new here, too!

I don't want to scare you, because what happened to me doesn't mean it will happen to you. So stop reading now if you'd rather not have more arsenal for your fears.

Like you, I tried everything to get a gyno appt, but the soonest I could get was 3 months away. So, also like you, I went to the ER instead for pelvic pain, plus I had excessive bleeding. They did a vaginal ultrasound and found a ruptured cyst on one of my ovaries. They also did a pelvic exam with a *flashlight* (like the kind you get from any hardware store!), and saw nothing of concern. They said the pain and bleeding was from the cyst. I never did get to see an actual doctor the whole six hours at the ER.

The only thing good that came from the ER was they gave me paperwork that enabled me to push my way in to seeing a gynecologist within a few days. At that visit, I saw an NP, not the gyno, but was able to schedule a hysteroscopy for the following week. It was after that procedure that I was told I had cervical cancer. (After PET/CT scan a week or two later I learned it was stage 3b, grade 3...large enough to be seen without any magnification - not sure if it can be seen with flashlight lighting or not.)

I'm sharing this with you so you can hopefully get your gyno appt pushed up a lot sooner. Call the gynecologist's office, tell the front desk you were released from the ER but they need you be seen within the next two days by a gynecologist. If you put it like that, like it's the hospital saying you need to get in ASAP, then maybe that will work. It did for me. Miraculously, my 3-month wait turned into a 3-day wait. Another thing I've learned is, if you have insurance, use them to advocate for you. Call them and tell them the ER crew wants you to be seen by a gyno within a couple of days and you're not getting anywhere. Your insurance may work to get you in because they may be afraid of getting sued if they don't. Of course, if you don't have insurance then that won't help you. If you still don't get anywhere, pm me and I'll call for you. I'm serious about that.

At any rate, I'm genuinely sorry you're going through all of this. Many of us here can identify with your fear, and the not knowing is challenging at the very least. May health prevail for you, and may you beat the odds of the gene pool you inherited!

Love and light,

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