abnormal paps again

Hi ladies,just a wee update on my situation.

I had a Leep done last June after CIN 3 and to be honest i wasn't very well a week or so after the procedure with heavy bleeding which then started clotting,not sleeping,had like an anxiety feeling but i don't know were it was due to myself not resting enough and going doing too much that caused me to bleed so heavy. I ended up taking myself to the doctors in the 2 week as i just didn't feel rite. She checked me over & said i was healing well but could see the wee blood clots,she put me off work for a week to rest. My results came back ok from the biopsy.

Well i was called for my 6 month smear check up and got my results back there week or so ago and not good news for me :( its all grew back again and at CIN 3 so no change. Am sad and worried that i have to go through all this again but i indeed to do this so different this time around. Rest more and book sometime off work around the week after the procedure cause that's when i started to bleed the last time.
So now its just a waiting game on my appointment. Hope everyone is doing ok and coping with what there going through. Thanks for listening to me.

Adele x.

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Sorry to hear your first leep was not successful i had a leep yesterday and feel great now but are you saying it can get worse after a week - I mean , the day after the leep did you feel ok , was it only a week later u felt badly? I have young kids so I feel it is hard for me to stay in bed today

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Have you tried to boost your Immune system with diet, exercise and specific supplements? This will help your body to fight the virus naturally and hopefully help to put it into dormancy!! Leeps do remove the dysphasia but not necessarily rid the virus which can linger in various areas of the cervix!

Stay positive and try not to stress, you can do it!!


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Hi,Stucktoamouse, Am glad your feeling great after you Leep yesterday :) The day i had mine done yes i felt good afterwards except for alittle cramping which they said you would have but instead of taking it easy the next day i was in work lifting,bending up & down and just generally over doing things as it says that you should take things easy. Am not saying you will be bad as me when you start bleeding. Did your doctor not tell you that you'll start bleeding a week or so after your Leep? I to have a child at home and your rite its hard to rest. Hope your ok in the next days to come.


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I take a vitamin drink called Sambucol and its for strengthing your immune system,you take it 4 times a day in the winter months and 2 times a day the rest of the year if you want. I can't take anything with orange in it and the majority of vitamins,build up drinks etc have orange in them. I honestly think it was just down to me over doing things,so i will see how i get on this time around when i take it easy. Thanks for the advice ladies :)


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I have been in your position. I had a cone biopsy, which is more invasive than a leep. I had clear margins. Did you have clear margins off the leep? Sometimes the LEEP method can make it a bit harder to read margins, but it is less invasive and less damaging to the cervix than a leep (if you will try to conceive in the future).

Don't freak out, but even with high grade dysplasia, many women see a gynecological oncologist. I have, and still do. I have never had invasive cancer, but that is not the point. The specialists are more informed on best procedures, treatments, etc. Mine, in the past, even had my pap and histology sent out to a teaching hospital for a reread, since they had disagreed... they were found to be read incorrectly. IME, specialists know what they are doing :-)

Take folate (or folic acid) supplements from a good source (trader joes is a recognized, inexpensive source). quercetin supplementation is also been noted to fight HPV (the virus responsible for dysplasia and cervical, vaginal, anal, and oral cancer). Try to reduce stress. In my personal experience, folate worked the best.

You will be fine, you have had testing as all women should and caught things early. But ask for the best opinion you can get.


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Hi Jazzy, yes i had clear margins from my Leep,well all the letter said was that the treatment i had should be sufficient,they don't really go into too much detail do they? When i went back upto the hospital for my 6 month smear post Leep the nurse told me its very rare that my results will come back abnormal again..well guess what they did.

I only thought you took Folic acid when you were pregnant, shows how much i know lol. Can you buy Folate over the counter or in the supermarkets as i will be willing to give that a try.

I have never missed a smear test sense i was the age to have them and these are the only 2 that have came back with abnormal cells found. I know i'll be fine but its just the unknown. My daughter got very upset when i first told her i had to have bad cells removed (she's 11) and she just thought cancer but when i explained to her the best i could she was alittle more understanding of things. This time she said she will be my nurse..Awww.

Are you ok now then after things?

Adele x

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I had normal paps from age 17 to 31. Then, in 2000, one came back as showing full blown cancer. I had an immediate cone biopsy (no colposcopy) the next day, and it was found that I did NOT have invasive cancer, but CIN 3 (or carcinoma in situ) of the endocervical canal. Evidently, my paps had showed normal for so long because it was up inside my cervix, vs on the outside of the cervix.
I had clear margins, and did 6mo follow ups. One year later, I had CIN 2. I was also told this was rare to come back. My gyn oncologist, who was following me, did a colposcopy, but could find nothing. We decided to go in for a second cone, thinking it may be up in the endocervical canal again. The cone biopsy was completely normal. AFter that, all my paps were normal. I had a hysterectomy in 2009 for pain reasons, and the pathology testing of what was taken out of me was all normal. Then a year ago, my vaginal pap smear came back as HPV positive (active again) and possible mild dysplasia. I am being followed every three mos with colposcopy of the vagina and paps. So far biopsies have been normal.

Folic acid is a B vitamin and is available here in the US over the counter. There has been some research between it and cervical dysplasia/cancer. You can google it to find out.

Make sure they can find the source of this second CIN3. If they cannot, the pap that showed the CIN3 should be re-read by a pathologist that specializes in this to make sure it was read correctly.

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I had clear paps for 30 years and wound up with Stage 1B cervical cancer and needed Chemo and Radiation, only 8 months after a clean pap. Please go see a gyn/onc if it's possible. They see your kind of CIN3 every day and can help you decide what to do next. I encourage everyone here to go to the experts in our cancers rather than waiting to see. My regular gyn wanted to do more tests, and I'm darn glad today I didn't wait. By the way, would you please change your setting to 'members only'? Some of us don't like sharing with the public.

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Hi ladies, Hope everyone is keeping well?

Well i had another Leep done there on Friday 1st March. The doctor had to go alittle further into the canal this time as the abnormal cells where hiding (his words). I even felt the injection this time around and had very bad cramps that night and part of Saturday night to. I seen him put the cells into the cup with a liquid form in it,they were pure black. I rested all weekend..well as much as i could do lol back to work today until the bleeding starts either end of this week or the weekend which am so not looking forward to :( He said to me that they won't grow back again,i said what if they do again he said they won't. Am not getting my hopes built up like the last time only to find they came back at CIN 3.

Now its just a matter of waiting for my results 4 to 6 weeks depending on how busy the labs are.


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Hello ladies,i got a phone call from the hospital yesterday to go see doctor at 4pm. I knew something wasn't rite but didn't want to believe it. Its not good news.I have stage 1b cancer of the cervix. They have caught it early and taking me into hospital next Tuesday for an mri scan and to theatre to have a look around and make sure its not spread any further. Then i have to go to another hospital about 2 weeks after my first op to have a hysterectomy hopefully through keyhole surgery if it hasn't spread anymore . Told my 11 yr old daughter last night,she was ok until i said the word cancer..she broke down so that started me off :( i didn't cry when the doctor told me as i kinda new something wasn't rite anyway but didn't want to believe it. He said am young and healthy enough and will make a full recovery. So yesterday wasn't a very good day just a long and stressful day. We are all fighters and will kick "CANCER" the nuts!!! Its only a word.

Stay strong everyone x

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