Abnormal pap 6 months post LEEP

Hi everyone, new to the board and so glad I found it. I have been searching for information regarding abnormal pap results following a LEEP procedure, but couldn't find much of anything, so I thought I would post my situation here.

I had a LEEP procedure 6 months ago for CIN-III. The procedure went well and my surgeon indicated my margins were clear. I just had my 6 month follow-up pap, and I got the call that it was abnormal today. I am scheduled for another colposcopy in a few weeks.

What does this mean exactly? Is it likely that I will need another LEEP surgery? I don't think I could handle the emotional trauma of all that again. I feel like I am going through all of this medical and psychological turmoil again that I worked so hard to try to put behind me. Does anyone know what this might mean? How can my results be abnormal again? Am I really in the small percent of people for whom the LEEP is ineffective?

Any help or just hearing people's experiences would be incredibly useful. Thanks for listening!

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Hi Dreamwise,

I'm kinda in the same boat with you. My first LEEP was over 10 years ago to treat CIN2/3. My follow up pap indicated I still had mild CIN1 dysplasia. The doctors decided to monitor me with that since your body can sometimes fight off the remaining dysplasia. I had remained at CIN1 for almost 9 years with all my paps coming back abnormal. Then last year it changed to CIN2 and CIS. I was told I needed another LEEP which I had in October. I just went in for my follow up pap in April which again came back abnormal. I had a colpo/biopsy last week and I'm waiting for my test results to decided what to do next. My ECC biopsy came back negative which means that they got everything in the canal. The outside of the cervix is what I'm waiting on for the test results. If it comes back mild, my doctor/oncologist said they will wait and see again if the rest clears. Usually if it comes back moderate to severe is when they recommend another LEEP. Hopefully it will just be inflammation or mild dysplasia. Make sure you are supplementing with vitamins to boost your immune system!! And definitely don't smoke!! You can fight this!

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I am new as well and am in the same situation as you. I have a leep almost a year ago for CIN II/III and it came back with clear margins. My 4 month pap came back abnormal, I went back in 3 months for another...abnormal, 3 months later still abnormal but showing possiblity of a higher grade. Went in this last week for a colposopy. My dr took biospy's from my cervix and my cervical canal. Now it is the waiting game.....so frustrating! I am looking for insight as well from anyone else that has been through this.

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Sorry for your worries. The good news is that even though this is a pain in the well...you know, it is in stages that are very treatable. I felt as if I was searching in the dark for answers my doctor didnt give me at first. I found this website and it can be a great site for support but sometimes reading other posts can be scary so be careful in what mind frame you are in when you come in these sites.

Ok, so CIN2/3 can be treated with a cone biopsy that is for a lot of woman an easy experience. For me it was simple, I had the cone biopsy and it didnt really hurt, its done in the hospital and youre put to sleep so it is not as traumatic as a LEEP in my opinion.

After that you will find out if they got it all, something like 90% of the time they can get it all this way.

I was unable to be in that percentile, and will have a hysterectomy in September. I have made this decision because I have two kids and will be 30 in about a week. If I chose to save my fertility, I could have another cold cone biopsy and go from there.

I agree with vitamins, they dont hurt. If you can get your hands on some B17, online or eat apricot seeds that you can purchase at your local health food center (usually) the B17 has two parts that attack cancerous cells and the byproduct is nutrients for your body. If you dont have cancerous cells it a preventitive for cancer to form. It is banned in America but it still can be bought online. Cancer is too profitable to cure with a vitamin I guess.

Anyhow, keep your heads up, this is still manageble, getting past the initial ugh feeling of not wanting to go through it is tough I know. Im still right there with ya. Have comfort in the fact that you are being proactive and taking care of it and one day it will be all behind you and you wont have to go through Chemo or radiation in these stages. God bless and best wishes.

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My first pap 7 months after my LEEP came back ASCUS. At that point they ran an HPV test which came back negative. Six months after that (so about 14 months post-LEEP) I had a normal Pap and normal HPV test. Before my LEEP, I had CIN II with clean yet "close" margins.

Has your dr run an HPV test? This could give you some additional, much-needed information. Good luck to you! :)

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Well I just got the call I've been waiting for. My 2 biopsies came back clear/negative! This was 8 months post leep. I had my 6 month post leep pap in April and it came back High grade. I went in a few weeks later to the gyno-oncologist for a colpo. He didn't take any biopsies because he didn't seen any abnormal areas through the scope. He just said lets do another LEEP just to be safe. I decided to get another opinion from another oncologist because I wasn't having another surgery "just in case." I wanted to have another child, and wasn't risking it, if I didn't need surgery. So this doctor took 2 biopsies and actually told me they didn't look abnormal from the sites taken, but that it appeared to be where I was healing from the LEEP. I was so relieved when it came back nothing. The doctor said I could have still been healing (showing inflamation) in the 6 month pap and thats why it came back showing High-grade lesion. I also have been on DIM (bioresponse 150), B-vitamins, Vit. A, Vitamin C, Vitamin d-3, and folic acid supplements since January.

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